The Latino Majority (TLM) podcast by Hispanic Executive highlights the leaders of our country’s new majority—one that is increasingly multicultural, increasingly diverse, and increasingly Latino.

There are underlying themes running through each episode of TLM and in the lives of our podcast’s central heroes, Latino innovators in both business and culture. The desire to prove people wrong, to buck conventional attitudes, the impulse to include and bring others along, and the tension of belonging, while not belonging all the same.

These narrative tributaries flow through our headsets to distill an image of a multicultural and complex community that is as deep as the lives of those interviewed on our show.

TLM amplifies the voices of Latino professionals who are not readily allowed a platform where their insights and stories can be heard. Even as the US Latino population increases every year, the demographic growth remains undervalued and underrepresented in corporate leadership positions and media coverage.

This podcast is here to change that.

We are The Latino Majority.

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New exciting leaders and their stories

The Latino Majority podcast Season 5, which premieres October 18, is presented by Bank of America and Corporate Relocation International and boasts a lineup of high- impact guests. Join host Pedro A. Guerrero as we uncover their stories of success and surviving adversity in life and in the business arena.


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Pedro Antonio Guerrero is the CEO of Guerrero Media, a Latino-owned independent media company founded in 2006 and publisher of Hispanic Executive. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College, where he received a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.




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Music is “Let’s Start at the Beginning” by Lee Rosevere
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