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Carlos Huereca Is Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

When Carlos Huereca immigrated to El Paso at the age of 13, he had no choice but to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

His parents showed him how. It was at the dinner table where they often made tough decisions about their furniture business. Carlos had a front row seat to conversations about financial management and talent recruitment. It was during that time when he learned to heed the words his mother would repeat over and over: “Stay focused and committed.”

He still treasures that early education and has used it to propel his career growth. First it was in sales at Dish Network. Then he pivoted to human resources at ADP. Today he owns dual roles as both CHRO and COO at Corporate Relocation International (or CRI).

It’s at CRI where he’s not only able to leverage succession planning as a strategic, competitive advantage for other companies, but also support employees in their own life changes—and help make them be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

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About Our Guest

Carlos Huereca, CHRO, leads CRI’s HR and Operations, recognizing the importance of a growth-oriented and stable workplace. In his dual role, he drives operational development while nurturing CRI’s people – essential components for successful expansion in the relocation management industry.  

Joining CRI in 2021, Huereca brought a refined skill set from ADP and Dish Network, spanning two decades and numerous positions, all showcasing his adaptability and curiosity in his day-to-day duties. His new role at CRI tackles the challenges of today’s hiring climate, especially in recruitment and retention, and gives him oversight in the integration of diverse company cultures related to CRI’s recent acquisitions.    

Raised in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Huereca’s passion for leadership stems from witnessing his parents build a successful business, emphasizing people-centric values. Beyond experience, he earned an MBA and SHRM-CP certification, and encourages his team to pursue their interests in continuing education. Huereca highlights a strong workplace culture and engagement as crucial for CRI’s success, emphasizing relationship-building as the foundation of their culture.