It is no secret that Latino-owned businesses are underfunded and underresourced compared to
white-owned businesses. And yet, Latino-owned companies continue to generate hundreds
of billions of dollars in revenue, employ millions of Americans, and
change the lives of both founders and their families.


The Founder’s Diary puts a spotlight on the power and potential of Latino entrepreneurship. It also aims
to support and connect budding entrepreneurs—and inspire them to start
rewriting the statistics on Latino business ownership.
Jobs created by Latino-owned businesses in 2019
Latino-owned businesses in the United States
The total economic output of Latinos in the United States

The First Year

It’s often said that the first year of running a business is the hardest. But it doesn’t have to be. These six entrepreneurs provide an
inside look into what that first year is really like and what they might have done differently.

An Inside Look into the Lives and Work
of the SOMOS Cofounders

Miguel Leal and Daniel Lubetzky have teamed up to create SOMOS,
a plant-based food company designed to make authentic Mexican foods accessible to all

A Day in the Life of SOMOS Cofounder and CEO Miguel Leal


Just 3 percent of Latino-owned businesses in the United States have successfully scaled


Latinos are twice as likely as white founders to say they’re building a business that can be inherited by their family
Latinos are 1.7 times more likely to start a company than other demographic groups
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Siete Foods
Siete Foods is Funding Latina-Owned Food Businesses

CEO of Siete Foods Miguel Garza shares why the Mexican American business is investing $2 million in Latina- and Latino-owned food entrepreneurs and their families

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Essential Resources for Entrepreneurs

Essential Resources for Entrepreneurs