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Jeff Marquez

The Crisis Life Cycle: Where Are You Looking? Part One

This series of articles covers working through a crisis and where to look to shape success. It can help assess your leadership, culture, and strategy.

Pablo Cella, Amdocs, portrait thumbnail

Pablo Cella Has Developed a Clear Line of Sight

As a regional VP at Amdocs, Pablo Cella strives to help young Latin American professionals get a better view of their dreams

Lew Chavez, Nexa, portrait thumbnail

Lew Chavez Is a Man with a Plan

Lew Chavez has dedicated the last three decades of his life to helping organizations improve supporting their clients—and he intends to keep moving forward

Carlos Medina, One Technologies, portrait thumbnail

Carlos Medina Leads with Change at One Technologies

Carlos Medina on the experiences that molded him into a leader capable of driving growth and transformation

Hector Izzo, Suez, portrait thumbnail

Hector Izzo Expands Past Department Lines

In times influenced by social media and the buzz of around-the-clock communication, the line between personal and professional identities can get blurred. For some, the fading boundary warrants concern around privacy and conduct. Hector Izzo, on the other hand, understands … Read More

Andres Angelani, CEO, Cognizant Softvision, portrait thumbnail

How Andres Angelani Went from “Nerdy Tech Guy” to Growth Leader

CEO Andres Angelani has already turned around Cognizant Softvision—and now he’s looking to the future

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