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Jose Guereque

Jose Guereque Is Living the IT Dream at Teleperformance

Jose Guereque has leveraged his passion for programming—and his years of experience in driving global growth—to fulfill his dream of becoming an IT executive

Cindy Alvarado’s Journey to the Top

At Pacira BioSciences Inc., Cindy Alvarado has reached the top of her field by reinventing herself along the way

Javier Oroz

Javier Oroz Knows That Teams Triumph Together

Javier Oroz on his award-winning team at AXA Mexico and the key role that team has played in enabling the company to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

For Edwin Millan and Laura Morales Garcia, Hard Work Remains

The lack of healthcare services available to Latinos fuels the passion Edwin Millan and Laura Morales Garcia have for their work at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Maria Fernandez

Maria Fernandez Leads and Serves at Sony Music Entertainment

Maria Fernandez on the new developments in her leadership journey and her efforts to ensure Sony Music Entertainment’s artists and employees alike continue to thrive

Flavio Martins Ferreira

For Flavio Martins Ferreira, Bold Action Has Led to Global Influence

Flavio Martins Ferreira has found global success at a young age. His secret? Always asking for the jobs he wants.

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