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Joe Dominguez Reception

Chicagoland Latino Leaders Celebrate ComEd’s Joe Dominguez

Hispanic Executive and Accenture host a reception to honor Joe Dominguez, the first Latino CEO of ComEd

Watch: Sol Trujillo on Strength Through Adversity

In the final installment of our three-part video series, Sol Trujillo talks about the work ethic his parents instilled in him, and about dreaming big. 

Carlos Hernandez: The Ubiquitous Leader

As director of operations supply chain at Baker Hughes, a GE company, Hernandez meets with everyone, from leadership to operations staff. Because, as he's learned, "The only way to be successful is for your people to be successful."

Ximena Juncosa: The Lifelong Connector

A belief in chasing dreams and finding her own strength led this lifelong connector to a unique and integrative strategy in executive talent building

Norma Cordova Builds and Retains Great Teams

Learning from firsthand experience what it means to be flexible for working parents, this VP at Charter Communications has developed an effective and empathetic leadership style.

Andrea Guendelman Helps Young Latinx Professionals “Break Walls”

Andrea Guendelman left a dictatorship, oppressive family expectations, and a successful career in law to launch multiple ventures serving a mission close to her heart: helping young Latinx professionals “break walls” in the tech industry.

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