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Ric Alvarez

Ric Alvarez Empowers the People

Decades of leadership has taught Ric Alvarez that a company’s success lies in its people

Hispanic Executive

William Sevilla Keeps Calm Amid Change

William Sevilla has led his team through the challenges of a major merger as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to transparent communication and an open-door policy

Carlos Barreto

Carlos Barreto Unites Beauty and Business

After twenty-five years building top brands at Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Revlon, Carlos Barreto steps out on his own with Cleverman

George Moreira

George Moreira Ensures That Nothing’s Lost in Translation

AT&T’s George Moreira does the oft-invisible translation work that’s necessary for the telecom giant to thrive in the Latin American market

Alicia Menendez

Alicia Menendez Wants Latinas to Flip the Conversation

In a recent virtual chat, the journalist and author of The Likeability Trap gave Latinas tips on how to navigate workplace perceptions and give themselves—and each other—a boost

NextGen Collective: The New Call to Action

Amy Hernandez Turcios encourages the Latinx community to hacer ruido

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