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Evelyn Perez-Albino

Evelyn Pérez-Albino Is a Passionate Advocate

Evelyn Pérez-Albino knows the struggles that a woman of color can face in the legal industry. It's what inspires her every day, not only in her current role but in every facet of her life.

Dr. Mike Munoz

Dr. Mike Muñoz Leads for Change

Long Beach City College’s Dr. Mike Muñoz draws on his own experiences to close equity gaps in higher education

Gonzalo Palacio

Gonzalo Palacio Is a Credit to Oportun

Gonzalo Palacio inspired by the impact a mission-driven organization can have on financial well-being for all

Andres Acebo

Andrés Acebo Rights the Ship

Andrés Acebo was compelled to succeed on behalf of his immigrant parents, but now he’s found his true calling: helping those who need him most

Visibility Event

The Visibility Issue LIVE: A Testament to Trailblazing Issue

Five dynamic speakers, four of whom are featured in Hispanic Executive’s Visibility Issue, spoke about widening the view of trans people, the push for better media representation, and more

Carrie Ricci

Carrie Ricci Believes in the Mission

A US Army veteran and now a legal leader at the US Department of Agriculture, Carrie Ricci thrives on serving her country

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