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Alex Alvarado Raises the Stakes

Living up to Las Vegas standards can be daunting. But Alex Alvarado knows the secret to success: an unbeatable team.

Cristina Fernandez Telsey Advisory Group

Cristina Fernández Looks Ahead at Telsey Advisory Group

Cristina Fernández leverages her deep financial experience to predict the future of e-commerce and consumer retail

Adriel Lares Fastly

To Adriel Lares, Every Day Is an Opportunity to Serve

Fastly CFO Adriel Lares has dedicated his life to promoting the kinds of opportunities that have helped get him where he is today

Mark Hugo Lopez

For US Latinos, Identity Is Complex and Varied

There is no single, all-encompassing term that fully captures what it means to be Latino in the United States

Dr. G. Cristina Mora

Dr. G. Cristina Mora Keeps the ‘Identity’ Conversation Flowing

Dr. G. Cristina Mora on the complexities of Latino identity and the imperative we all have to keep engaging in authentic and dynamic conversations about the Latino community

Marta Newhart

It’s Time to Celebrate Everyone for Who They Are

Executive leader Marta Newhart reflects on the pressures minorities face in corporate America—and the urgent need to build a better future for all

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