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Rafael Magaña portrait_thumbnail

NextGen Collective: How to MBWA Effectively

Tips for successfully using—and avoiding the pitfalls of—the management by walking around method

Paola Mora, Associate General Counsel, Club Med North America portrait thumbnail

Paola Mora Isn’t Resting on Her Laurels

She started as an executive assistant at Club Med; now, Mora is helping with the opening of the company’s largest resort in the Caribbean in forty years

David Chavez, Senior Advisor, SVN | QAV & Associates portrait thumbnail

David Chavez Understands the Real Value of Property

For three decades, Chavez has found ways to succeed in commercial real estate while helping underserved populations in the process

Jorge Titinger, portrait thumbnail

Jorge Titinger Believes That Diversity Is an Imperative

Industry leader and author Jorge Titinger says that diversity is key to positive change in the business world

Michael Camuñez, Monarch Global Strategies, portrait thumbnail

For Michael Camuñez, Community Is Key

Monarch Global Strategies CEO Michael Camuñez stays connected to his community through board work and nonprofit advisory positions

Arnoldo Avalos, Avalos Foundation, portrait thumbnail

For Arnoldo Avalos, His Board Work Speaks Volumes

Arnoldo Avalos, who grew up in a migrant farming family, focuses on giving back to underprivileged communities while helping the next generation of Americans

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