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Hispanic Executive

Steven Rios Rallies the Team

How finance expert Steven Rios has used his in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry to help guide Pharma Tech Industries through the COVID-19 pandemic

Hispanic Executive

Mariel Creo Knows She Can’t Do It Alone

As a legal leader in Latin America and Europe, Mariel Creo has placed value on one thing above all else: collaboration

Hasan Ibrahim

Hasan Ibrahim Is Willing to Work for It

After a meteoric rise at the intersection of law and financial services, Hasan Ibrahim continues to make his own opportunities at Prudential

Julio Covarrubias

Julio Covarrubias Finds Meaning in Diverse Sets of Data

Julio Covarrubias pulls from his international and cross-industry experience to help direct the decision-making process for Delek US Holdings Inc.

NextGen Collective: ¡Yo Quiero Dinero!

Higher education professional and career coach Diana Mendez on knowing your worth, asking for it, and securing the bag after a job interview

Deanna Salazar

Deanna Salazar Is Dedicated to Service

General Counsel Deanna Salazar fulfills a lifelong dream of helping others through her leadership at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

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