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NextGen Collective: My Ascent in the Beauty Industry

Larissa Jensen is vice president at leading market research firm NPD. As she puts it, her journey to success began with her abuela.

Martin Diaz de la Pena Lopez

Martin Diaz de la Peña Lopez: A Diplomat Between Divisions

Martin Diaz de la Peña Lopez unifies the divisions of movie-making powerhouse Sony Pictures Entertainment in his versatile, rotational role

Mauricio Romero

How Mauricio Romero Forged His Own Path

Mauricio Romero found his way to a successful career and United Pacific despite lacking resources early in life. Now, he wants to help young people find their own course.

Anne-Marie Wieland D'Angelo

Anne-Marie Wieland D’Angelo Creates a Culture of Trust

As general counsel at NiSource, Anne-Marie Wieland D’Angelo works to foster an environment of transparency and serve as a mentor to those around her

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez Is Leading Roc Nation and Changing the World

Offering a rare look inside her work at Roc Nation, Desiree Perez reflects on translating the company’s power into positive change

Clara Jimenez

Clara Jimenez Takes a Scientific Approach

Clara Jimenez has two great passions: the law and science. As senior counsel at Johnson & Johnson, she leverages them both to help drive critical healthcare solutions.

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