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Chrysti Ziegler, General Auditor, portrait thumbnail

Chrysti Ziegler Takes Time for Internal Auditing

The general auditor gained her expertise first by self-reflection, then by action

Patty Juarez, Wells Fargo, portrait thumbnail

Patty Juarez Helps Minority Business Owners Find Tools for Success

Wells Fargo’s Patty Juarez recounts the experiences and insights that led her to create the bank’s nationwide commercial banking diverse segments business

Alessandra Ginante Yockelson, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, portrait thumbnail

Alessandra Ginante Yockelson Scouts Tech Talent the Smart Way

As Chief Talent Officer at HPE, Alessandra Ginante Yockelson drives talent strategies as a benefit to both employees and company

Matthew Valdez, San Francisco Giants, portrait thumbnail

Matthew Valdez Plays With a Home Field Advantage

As the San Francisco Giants assistant general counsel, Valdez not only takes pride in his team, but in how he can give back to his hometown

Edgar Aguilar, Mastercard, portrait thumbnail

Edgar Aguilar Is an Expert at Merging Tech with Strong HR

Edgar Aguilar, Mastercard’s EVP, on his philosophy of “freedom within a framework”

Genaro Perez Jr., CrossCountry Consulting, portrait thumbnail

Genaro Perez Jr. Knows His Network (and How to Use It)

Perez explains how his people skills and wide-ranging connections have enabled his success in both consulting and nonprofit management

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