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Edgar Mayorga, Johnson Controls, portrait thumbnail

Edgar Mayorga Believes in the Goal

Edgar Mayorga has climbed the ladder at Johnson Controls through cultural awareness and driving success regardless of obstacles

Alfredo Rivera, Coca-Cola, portrait thumbnail

Alfredo Rivera and Coca-Cola Offer the World Some Change

As group president Latin America, Rivera has been inspired by the company’s commitment to sustainable packaging, water stewardship, and women empowerment

Luis Madrigal, Uber, portrait thumbnail

Uber’s Luis Madrigal Shares His Ride Toward Diversity

The engineering manager has kept the ridesharing giant thinking forward while leading the Los Ubers ERG

Julio Barrionuevo, FedEx, portrait thumbnail

FedEx’s Julio Barrionuevo Delivers the Goods to Latin America

The SVP maps and promotes growth throughout the region thanks to the delivery giant’s global stamp of approval

Enrique Huerta, Liberty Mutual Insurance, portrait thumbnail

Enrique Huerta’s Tune of Transformation

Transformation for some is a hard science, steeped in process and bold defining lines. For others, it’s an ambiguous art, ever-changing and indefinable. For Liberty Mutual’s Enrique Huerta, driving change falls somewhere in between. “Imagine that groups of instruments in … Read More

Juan Silva, Otis Elevator, portrait thumbnail

Juan Silva is Going All the Way Up at Otis Elevator

The head of global service system initiated a transformation of the Latin American IT division by inspiring his teams to head for the top floor together

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