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At Bimbo Bakeries USA, Arturo Carrillo believes, “Ultimately, the consumers become the boss.”

Carrillo’s thirty-year journey has spanned various positions and departments at Bimbo—and thousands of miles across international borders.

Angelique Sina Friends of Puerto Rico thumbnail image

Angelique Sina introduces a global friend network to Puerto Rico

As president of the nonprofit Friends of Puerto Rico, Sina invests in the entrepreneurs and future leaders of her island

Arivee Vargas thumbnail image

Arivee Vargas is Anti-Corruption, Anti-Can’t

Arivee Vargas channels her personal values to empower her team at Vertex and develop a world-class anti-corruption program.

Hector Gutierrez, Citizens Business Bank

Hector Gutierrez Plays the Long Game at Citizens Business Bank

Since his days as a part-time teller, Gutierrez has sacrificed his free time to further his education, hone his skills, and push himself for the betterment of his career. Now he’s putting perseverance to work for his customers.

Antonio Gutierrez

General Counsel Is Just One of Antonio Gutierrez’s Jobs

Gutierrez’s executive role at First in Service Travel has continued to evolve thanks in part to his devotion to developing lasting relationships with clients.

Francisco Garcia, Merkari

Francisco Garcia Guides the Marketing Model at Merkari

At Merkari, the programmatic pioneer brings cutting-edge marketing technology to brands with a multicultural focus.

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