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Camila Casale, Chief Marketing Officer, Claro Enterprise Solutions, portrait sitting, thumbnail

Camila Casale Weds Tech and Marketing at Claro Enterprise Solutions

As CMO of Claro Enterprise Solutions, Camila Casale fosters partnerships between tech and marketing in order to help top companies become preferred outlets

Jason Soto, Chief Credit Officer, Webster Bank, portrait thumbnail

At Webster Bank, Jason Soto Has Mastered the Great Pause

The chief credit officer understands the value of mentorship and knowing when to take a step back to gain perspective

Havidán Rodríguez, President, University at Albany - portrait on stairs

Havidán Rodríguez Has Gone from Puerto Rico to the Global Stage

Rodríguez, the first Latino president of a four-year SUNY campus, discusses the diverse community he has found at the University at Albany and the global disaster research work that has shaped him as a leader

Vivian Nava-Schellinger, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships & External Affairs, National Council on Aging_headshot thumbnail

NextGen Collective: Vivian Nava-Schellinger

Latinx to watch Vivian Nava-Schellinger, associate director of strategic partnerships and external affairs for the National Council on Aging, discusses her surprising career path and the force behind her unending drive

Daniela Dwyer, head of global legal operations, eBay

At eBay Daniela Dwyer Finds a Perfect Harmony

The head of global legal operations understands the delicate balance between life and work—and she encourages those she manages to work towards that understanding too

Dumitrache Martinez, VP of Finance, Essity, portrait thumbnail image

Dumitrache Martinez Emboldens His Team with a Player-Coach Attitude

At Essity’s professional hygiene business, Dumitrache Martinez takes the mental moves he learned on the basketball court and applies them so that he’s able to position the company for global wins

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