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Hispanic Executive is the premier voice for successful Latinos in business today. By turning our spotlight on business’s most influential Latinos, we help drive our community’s unmatched economic, political, and social power. As we shape the dialogue on the cultural force that is Hispanic leadership, we connect corporate America to Hispanic America and amplify the voices of those driving growth in the global marketplace.

From our storytelling, a network emerges for the brightest minds in the Américas.

We unite the leaders of the new majority. As the leading brand profiling Latino leaders, Hispanic Executive provides access to an exclusive platform to connect with those who are redefining the international business landscape.

Editorial Calendar

March 2024

Leading Latinas 2024

Released during Women’s History Month, our annual Leading Latinas issue honors the power, impact, and potential of Latina executives, innovators, and leaders.

Live 3/18/24

May 2024

Legal Luminaries: Latinos in Law

Within our community, Latinos hold a profound passion for the law and its far-reaching impact on our daily lives and workplaces. Latino lawyers across various sectors apply their expertise in diverse areas, such as in-house, labor, DEI, finance, and more—all while remaining committed to our community and harnessing their skills to uplift us all.

Live 5/6/24

June 2024

The 2024 Latino Vote

Leading up to the 2024 US presidential elections, Hispanic Executive will delve into the impact of the Latino vote on the political landscape, from local to national levels. We’ll feature insights from key figures in media, nonprofits, communities, and various political tiers, as well as everyday Latino business leaders.

Live 6/12/24

July 2024

The American Dream

From self-made tech entrepreneurs to real estate moguls, Latinos are not just succeeding in every imaginable field they are redefining the American dream by promoting a greater social good in all that they do. This issue gathers the most successful luminaries across business, law, tech, government, philanthropy and more for conversations on the legacies they are building.

Live 7/1/24

August 2024

I Am an Immigrant (Soy Un Inmigrante)

Delving into the journeys, experiences, and contributions of Latino immigrants in the United States, this series features inspiring stories of individuals who were immigrants themselves, who aid immigrants today, or whose family immigration journey is history-making. This series explores the rich tapestry of Latino immigration, resilience, and the enduring pursuit of the American dream.

Live 8/5/24

September 2024

NextGen Collective 30 Under 30

Every leader has an origin story, and NextGen Collective is here to celebrate Latino success from every corner of the country. Rising stars, after all, need to start somewhere. Buoyed by their experiences and education and values, these thirty individuals are doing it all. They’re accomplishing great feats at their organizations, uplifting their communities, serving on non-profit boards, making room at the table for others, and more. All while being unapologetically Latino.

Live 9/18/24

October 2024

The Visibility Issue

Our last issue of the year puts a dual focus on the leaders and companies devoted to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as often marginalized voices within the Latino community including Afro-Latinos, the LGBTQ+ community, neurodivergent folks and executives with disabilities, and much more.

Live 10/1/24

Latinos in Sports

Latinos have long been a powerful force behind US sports, standing on podiums at international events and representing our country. Whether making an impact on the court or behind the scenes, they leverage sports to unite and give hope to all Americans. In our inaugural list, some of the finest Latinos and Latinas shared their stories and successes in sports. This annual Latinos in Sports Digital Series will go to the next level, highlighting the top Latinos who are shaping the sports industry.

Live 10/28/24