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Editorial Calendar

July 2023

Lifelong Learning

If there is one thing Latinos agree on, it is the importance of education. These executives take us beyond academics and degrees to shed light on new frontiers of learning for all.

Live 7/5/23

August 2023

Hospitality for All

No industry prides itself more on serving the customer than hospitality. The featured executives in this series will share their insights into the people-centric field and its future.

Live 8/1/23

September 2023

Companies Committed to Latinos

Job and career expectations among Latinos have shifted drastically in recent years, with Latinos even exiting the workforce at a faster rate than their peers. Employers are taking notice and increasingly committing time, money, and strategic leadership to hiring, promoting, and retaining Latino talent. Companies are not only developing new pathways for Latino talent to join their ranks including early-career, return-to-work, and upskilling and reskilling programs, many are also providing crucial support systems like Latino and BIPOC ERGs. This series will feature Latino executives, ERG leaders, passionate managers and rising stars advocating for and bringing these initiatives to life. We will also showcase a curated index of Latino ERGs across a variety of companies and industries. Special note: We will also feature allies of other races and ethnicities working on broader DEI efforts that, undoubtedly, benefit Latinos and other marginalized groups.

Live 9/15/23

October 2023

Food as Culture

This series will pay tribute to the key role that food plays in Hispanic culture by shining a light on executives whose professional journeys or after-work activities have been profoundly influenced by their family’s passion for food.

Live 10/2/23

November 2023

Latinos in Sports

Latinos have long been a powerful force behind US sports, representing our country at international venues and bringing home gold medals. Yet these Latinos are much more than athletes. They are advocates, community leaders, corporate executives, and the symbols of unity and hope for Latinos, people of color, and Americans as a whole. The Latinos in Sports series will celebrate our communities most accomplished Latinos and Latinas in sports, both on and off the court.

Live 11/1/23

January 2024

The Entertainment Series

The crossover artist is a thing of the past. Latino entertainers have not only reset American culture and broken all-time records, but they’ve made Latinos mainstream to both national and global audiences. This series shares the stories of the Latinos working on stage and behind the scenes—in motion pictures, television, music, broadcasting, media, gaming sports, and fine arts—and whose work helps us imagine a more tolerant world.

Live 1/2/24

March 2024

Leading Latinas

Released during Women’s History Month, our annual Leading Latinas honors the power, impact, and potential of Latina executives, innovators, and leaders.

Live 3/18/24