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Why and How to Invest in Yourself

Diana Maldonado believes we are all worthy investments, and she shares why we often refrain from self-investing and where to begin

5 Ways Latinas Can Break Free from Imposter Syndrome

Ilhiana Rojas shares how you can advocate for yourself in the workplace and conquer imposter syndrome

The US Military Has Failed Latinos

Hispanics represent less than 3 percent of the highest ranks of the US military. Air Force veteran Carlos E. Martinez reveals the pattern of missteps that has allowed that underrepresentation to be perpetuated.

Diverse Hiring Practices Aren’t Working

Executive coach Patricia Arboleda explains why companies need to stop focusing so much on who they hire and start thinking about what leadership environment they’re creating


Jeff Marquez

Jeff Marquez works with business, government, and nonprofit leaders who want to lead as their better self, build winning teams, and succeed sustainably

Javier Saade

Javier Saade is the founder and managing partner of Impact Master Holdings and a venture partner at Fenway Summer Ventures

Fabiana Lacerca-Allen

Fabiana Lacerca-Allen is a leader in developing and implementing global compliance programs within Fortune 100 companies

Raquel Tamez

Raquel Tamez is the chief inclusion and engagement officer at global consulting firm Charles River Associates

Patricia Arboleda

Patricia Arboleda is a certified executive and leadership coach and the founder of Arboleda Coaching

Vanessa Karel

Vanessa Karel is the founder of Greether, a travel start-up helping women travel safer

Mario Xavier Carrasco

Mario Xavier Carrasco is the cofounder and principal of ThinkNow, an award-winning cross-cultural research technology company

Jeannette Ferran Astorga

Jeannette Ferran Astorga is the executive vice president of corporate affairs and communications and the chief sustainability officer at Zoetis

Kevin Salcido

A published author and seasoned HR leader, Kevin Salcido is currently a vice president and the chief human resources officer at Arizona State University

Norlan Hernández Blandón

Norlan Hernández Blandón is the director of the Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership at Vanguard University

Oriana Branon

Oriana Branon is an expert in communications and external engagement for both B2B and B2C companies in highly regulated industries

Carlos E. Martinez

Carlos E. “Charlie” Martinez retired from the Air Force Reserve after more than thirty-four years of combined active and reserve duty

Salomon Chiquiar-Rabinovich

Salomon Chiquiar-Rabinovich specializes in business immigration and is of counsel at Moreno Law in Boston

Marcela Miguel Berland and Frank Gómez

Marcela Miguel Berland and Frank Gómez are leaders at strategic communications firm Latin Insights 

Aracely Muñoz

Aracely Muñoz is the director of corporate partnerships at Children's Health and an award-winning leader in the philanthropy space

Diana Maldonado

Diana Maldonado is passionate about helping more women decode the process of running for office—and succeeding when they get there

Maria Fernanda Reyes

Maria Fernanda Reyes is a third-generation farmer from Mexico as well as a leader in regulatory tech, entrepreneurship, nonprofits, and advocacy

Argelia Martinez

Argelia Martinez is dedicated to creating positive spaces for Latine culture to thrive

Ilhiana Rojas

Ilhiana is an Executive & Leadership Transformation Strategy Coach, a DEI Consultant, a Hispanic advocate, a Bestselling Author, and an international motivational speaker.

Awilda Jiménez

Awilda Jiménez is a Human Resources expert with nearly 10 years working in the building materials industry.

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