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Innovation Framework
You Need to Innovate to Survive

Are Latinos Really “Not Philanthropic”?

Aracely Muñoz explains why more people need to take notice of the US Latino community’s long history of philanthropic contributions

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Jeff Marquez

Jeff Marquez works with business, government, and nonprofit leaders who want to lead as their better self, build winning teams, and succeed sustainably

Javier Saade

Javier Saade is the founder and managing partner of Impact Master Holdings and a venture partner at Fenway Summer Ventures

Raquel Tamez

Raquel Tamez is the chief inclusion and engagement officer at global consulting firm Charles River Associates

Patricia Arboleda

Patricia Arboleda is a certified executive and leadership coach and the founder of Arboleda Coaching

Marcela Miguel Berland and Frank Gómez

Marcela Miguel Berland and Frank Gómez are leaders at strategic communications firm Latin Insights 

Diana Maldonado

Diana Maldonado is passionate about helping more women decode the process of running for office—and succeeding when they get there

Ilhiana Rojas

Ilhiana is an Executive & Leadership Transformation Strategy Coach, a DEI Consultant, a Hispanic advocate, a Bestselling Author, and an international motivational speaker.

Aracely Muñoz

Aracely Muñoz is the director of corporate partnerships at Children's Health and an award-winning leader in the philanthropy space

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