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The New Majority (TNM) podcast highlights the leaders of our country’s new majority—one that is increasingly multicultural, increasingly diverse, and increasingly Latino. TNM amplifies the voices of Latino professionals who are not readily allowed a platform where their insights and stories can be heard. Even as the US Latino population increases every year, the demographic growth remains undervalued and underrepresented in corporate leadership positions and media coverage.

The New Majority is here to change that. Over the course of our limited podcast series, you’ll hear from Latino innovators in both business and culture. Host Pedro A. Guerrero, publisher of Hispanic Executive, will interview leaders of the new majority about their career journeys and their lessons learned—and, in doing so, provide our audience with relevant industry advice and expertise. For a transcript of an episode of The New Majority, please email us.

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Hosted by Pedro Antonio Guerrero
Produced and edited by Revision Sound
Production team: Vianni Lubus and Kevin Warwick
Music is “Let’s Start at the Beginning” by Lee Rosevere
Recorded in Chicago, IL


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