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Miguel Garza Delivers Food That’s Better for You

The story of Siete Family Foods starts with a challenge: how to better manage an autoimmune disease through dietary transformation while staying connected to your culture.

Miguel Garza watched his sister Veronica find a grain-free solution for tortillas by using almond flour, which she would then sell to family and friends in Laredo, Texas. Fresh out of law school and inspired by the entrepreneurial culture in Austin, Garza saw an opportunity to expand Veronica’s side hustle into a full-time business.

Since 2015, Garza has led the family-owned company with the mission of catering to the Latino community while also preserving cultural traditions. He credits Siete’s success to the trust, love, and collaboration within the family.

At the heart of the Siete mission is a core value that Garza sees as representative to the community: Juntos es mejor. Together is better.

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About Our Guest

As the co-founder and CEO of Siete Family Foods, Miguel Garza is on a mission to build the leading, better-for-you Mexican-American food brand. Strong family values permeate the company culture, and Miguel upholds the shared belief in “Family first, family second, business third.”  

 Since launching in 2014 with an almond flour tortilla created by his sister Veronica Garza and sold in a single Texas retailer, Siete Foods has expanded exponentially and is now the fastest growing Latin-focused brand in food & beverage. Today the thriving business spans more than 20,000 grocery stores nationally, features more than 80 product SKUs, and will surpass $400M in annual retail sales.  

Beyond supporting Siete’s upward trajectory, Miguel is also focused on the core value of “Juntos Es Mejor” – better together. To support the broader community, Siete launched the Juntos Fund, an annual opportunity to bolster Latino-owned businesses through financial awards.  

In 2017, Miguel was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30, in addition to coverage on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS News, The New York Times, Inc., and NPR How I Built This. Prior to his role at Siete, Miguel graduated from law school at The University of Texas in Austin after earning his BBA on campus.