EP. 4: Imagining a Reality That Never Feels Foreign

Featuring Aidymar Bigio

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When Aidymar Bigio immigrated to the Unites States—having been accepted to the engineering program at the University of Rochester—it came as more than a culture shock. She describes that first step of her journey as a “survival game in assimilation.” As an eleven-year-old girl growing up in Puerto Rico, she was inspired to enter the field of engineering after her mom underwent open-heart surgery and received an artificial heart valve. Simply put, Aidymar wanted to design types of technologies to help people. But first, she had to navigate the reality of living in a new world with no support system and little resources. Today, she fully embraces that journey, as she focuses on the transformational possibilities of virtual reality and the access it allows different cultures to interact with one another in an inclusive environment. In building those virtual communities, Aidymar empowers others to experience a world—and a level of engagement—that never feels foreign.


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About Our Guest

Aidymar is the Director of Engineering, Reality Labs at Meta, focused on delivering amazing immersive experiences to our user and working on creating the next computing platform.

Prior to joining this group, she spent time in Messenger delivering the best messaging experience for our users. She also worked in our ads org on Audience Network and Publisher Solutions. She has been at Meta for 10 years and started in the infra team where she helped build the Release to Production Team.

Before Meta, she spent 7 years at Google, where she worked on the Google Search Appliance, the first-generation Android OS and phone, as well as technical operations, supply chain and logistics. Aidymar has extensive experience in the areas of product development and operations.

Favorite quote:
Integrity of intent and quality of action.

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