EP. 3: Buying into the New Mainstream Economy

Featuring Sol Trujillo

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You don’t become the CEO of a Fortune 200 company at the age of forty-two without the talent, self-confidence, and a clear vision for growth in market share and shareholder value. What makes Sol Trujillo legendary—as a businessman, a mentor, and leader—is that he brings that same competitive spirit and foresight to the project he now leads. He paves the way for the widespread adoption of the New Mainstream economy, one where Latinos are front and center. For Trujillo, it’s never been about excluding others so that Latinos can take their rightful place in the family photo of America—but rather upgrading the camera’s lens to make room for everyone to be included in the true story of America’s growth.

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About Our Guest

Solomon D. (“Sol”) Trujillo is an international business executive who has served as CEO of large-cap global companies in the US, EU, and Asia-Pacific region—including US West, Orange, and Telstra, the Australian media-communications company. In each he was a transformative digital pioneer, leading the deployment of broadband, smart devices, and digital services—including the mobile internet and ultra-high speed broadband wireless networks—to stimulate productivity and innovation across all sectors of the economy.

Sol has vast corporate governance experience, currently serving on the boards of Western Union and China’s Silk Road Technologies (board chair). He previously served on the boards of Target, Bank of America, WPP PLC (EU-based advertising and PR firm), PepsiCo, EDS, Orange, Telstra, and Gannett. He also serves a senior advisor to Bain & Company.

Sol is the chair and cofounder of the Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC), an organization of US Latino business leaders working to replace false stereotypes with a clear-eyed view of Latinos as a mainstream economic force driving growth in the United States. He is also the cofounder of L’ATTITUDE, a New Mainstream Economy event. He has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and CNN Money and has made TV appearances on CNBC. He also sits on the board of the collaboration partner to the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative. Sol also served the Clinton and Bush administrations as a trade policy advisor. Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Mr. Trujillo holds a bachelor of science in business and an MBA (finance) from the University of Wyoming, with honorary doctorates from the University of Wyoming and the University of Colorado.

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