Bonus Episode: Aidymar Bigio, Getting Comfortable in the Metaverse

Featuring Aidymar Bigio

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Recorded in front of a live audience via Zoom, this bonus episode features a conversation with Meta’s Aidymar Bigio and emphasizes the human connection and shared experiences being created by the metaverse, particularly as we become more accustomed to living in a virtual world. At the end of the episode, the floor is opened up for questions from the audience to Bigio, ranging from “What is your favorite VR experience and why?” to “How do you see VR enhancing travel?”


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About Our Guest

Aidymar is the Director of Engineering, Reality Labs at Meta, focused on delivering amazing immersive experiences to our user and working on creating the next computing platform.

Prior to joining this group, she spent time in Messenger delivering the best messaging experience for our users. She also worked in our ads org on Audience Network and Publisher Solutions. She has been at Meta for 10 years and started in the infra team where she helped build the Release to Production Team.

Before Meta, she spent 7 years at Google, where she worked on the Google Search Appliance, the first-generation Android OS and phone, as well as technical operations, supply chain and logistics. Aidymar has extensive experience in the areas of product development and operations.

Favorite quote:
Integrity of intent and quality of action.

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