EP. 1: Picking Up the Check and Paying It Forward

Featuring Bobby Herrera

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In 1942, the United States signed the Mexican Farm Labor Agreement, launching a pioneering Bracero program that offered Mexican farmworkers seasonal work opportunities and the possibility to raise the standards of living for them and their families. As a bracero, Bobby Herrera’s father sacrificed months away from his home every year so that he could begin reframing the narrative for his growing family. That Herrera narrative continued taking shape after Bobby and his family immigrated to the US. One evening, while returning home from a baseball game on the team bus, Bobby and his brother didn’t follow the rest of the players into a restaurant for dinner. They simply couldn’t afford it. That night, the generosity of one man set into motion Bobby’s ambition to always pay it forward—to his friends, his coworkers, his family. Today, Bobby embraces that story—and the chapters his father wrote before him—as a means of grounding himself in the bigger story of empathetic Latino leadership.


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About Our Guest

Bobby Herrera is the author of The Gift of Struggle, a book about leadership and the life-changing lessons we learn through our struggles. He is also the cofounder and president of Populus Group. Bobby has a passion for building strong culture and communities through trust and storytelling, and his leadership style is about empowerment, connections, and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Bobby grew up in a big family: his parents immigrated to America without very much, and while this is not an uncommon story, the leadership style and company culture that it inspired is. The belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed is at the core of Bobby’s philosophy in business and in life.

Everyone has struggles, and business leaders are no exception. Bobby’s passion is helping others understand how their individual struggles can connect them with their communities and how by inspiring those around them, they can transform their leadership styles.

Bobby is a proud Army veteran and currently lives in Portland, Oregon.


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