With reads, segments, season sponsorships, and integrated campaigns, The Latino Majority Podcast collaborates with leading companies to create original storytelling that connects authentically with multicultural audiences when they’re tuned in most.

Our programming attracts some of the most powerful people in the US and reaches thousands of smart, curious Latino/a listeners each month. Want to do the same?

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About The Latino Majority

Reads (Ads)

Reads are organic, authoritative descriptions of a brand, product, or service spoken by our host, Pedro A. Guerrero. We ensure scripts read are authentic to the voice who reads them and ensure that they connect with the audiences who hear them.

Meta host-read ad
Bank of America host-read ad

Segments (Episodes)

Segments are highly-produced original stories that bring the experience of a brand, product, or service directly to listeners through the voice of an executive at your organization. With interviews, we collaborate with brands to develop thoughtful audio narratives that prove our partners’ value through example. *TLM reserves the final right of guest interview approval.

Season Sponsorships & Integrated Campaigns

We are a leading podcast, but we’re not only a podcast. We are a modern media company with a digital reach of more than 10M+ across our digital channels. Season sponsorships provide unique, high-impact brand placement and integration across the distribution power of our media including social, newsletter, and website. Plus, you’ll receive industry exclusivity.