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Luis Miranda and the Latino Vote

For Luis Miranda, Jr., transitioning from his Puerto Rican roots to his current position as a prominent figure in American politics and culture has been extraordinary. With a background of resilience and determination, Miranda Jr. has become a trailblazer in both the public and private sectors. As a political strategist, philanthropist, and author, he has dedicated his life to advocating for Latino voices and championing the American dream. 

Miranda, Jr. has left an indelible mark on American society throughout his career. From his pioneering work in political strategy to his unwavering commitment to social justice, he has consistently fought for the empowerment of marginalized communities. In this episode, we delve into his insights on the evolving landscape of Latino identity, the nuances of American politics, and the cultural impact of the Latino community. 

Miranda, Jr. brings valuable perspectives to the table to help us better understand the intersection between politics, culture, and identity in America.

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About Our Guest

Luis A. Miranda Jr. is Founding Partner of The MirRam Group, a government affairs, lobbying and political consulting firm in New York City. He has previously served in three New York City mayoral administrations. Mr. Miranda is the Founding President of the Hispanic Federation and past chairman of the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation. He is board chair of the Latino Victory Fund and the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance. He and his family have supported the relief efforts in Puerto Rico following the destruction of Hurricane Maria in September 2017. They have actively fundraised for the Hispanic Federation’s UNIDOS for Puerto Rico program, raising over $43M to date for community organizations throughout the island.