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The Latino Majority: Voices of the Latino Vanguard

The Latino Majority: Voices of the Latino Vanguard

A roundup of our top six episodes from The Latino Majority podcast, highlighting Latino leaders shaping the global marketplace in business and culture

Photo by Gillian Fry (Trujillo), Cass Davis (Bravo, Vasquez), Drew Dudley (Herrera), Lawrence Jackson (Vice President Harris), Courtesy of Alicia Menendez (Menendez)
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As we gear up to launch the sixth season of The Latino Majority podcast, we reflect on the remarkable journeys and insights shared by our esteemed guests over the past few years. This Webby award-honored podcast has become a platform for amplifying the voices of Latino leaders who are shaping the global marketplace and redefining what it means to be part of the “new majority”—one that is increasingly multicultural, diverse, and Latino.

Common threads weave through the narratives of our guests, including the desire to challenge conventional attitudes, the impulse to uplift and include others, and the tension of belonging while simultaneously feeling like an outsider. These stories distill a complex and multifaceted image of the Latino community, resonating with listeners and inspiring them to embrace their authentic selves.

As we kick off season six with Oscar Muñoz, the former CEO and chairman of United Airlines, we invite you to revisit some of our favorite episodes and the invaluable lessons they impart.

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OUT NOW: Leading from the Heart with Oscar Muñoz

In this highly anticipated episode, Oscar Muñoz shares his journey into the human side of leadership, uncovering the secrets to success in an ever-changing world. Shaped by his upbringing, including times of homelessness and the wisdom of his grandmother, Oscar learned early on the power of empathy, trust, and resilience.

As the former CEO and chairman of United Airlines, Oscar’s leadership went beyond boosting stock values and operational efficiency. He prioritized building trust and inclusivity, earning praise from employees and customers alike. His approachable demeanor and genuine concern for others stem from his experiences, making him a relatable and inspiring figure in the corporate world.

Listen to the premiere episode of season six, featuring Oscar Muñoz now!

1. Buying into the New Mainstream Economy with Sol Trujillo

Sol Trujillo, a legendary businessman, mentor, and leader, brings his competitive spirit and foresight to paving the way for the widespread adoption of the New Mainstream Economy, where Latinos are front and center. For Trujillo, it’s never been about excluding others but rather upgrading the lens to make room for everyone in the true story of America’s growth.

As the former CEO of large-cap global companies like US West, Orange, and Telstra, Trujillo was a transformative digital pioneer, leading the deployment of broadband, smart devices, and digital services to stimulate productivity and innovation across all sectors of the economy.

2. For Orlando Bravo, Puerto Rico Is a Privilege

For Orlando Bravo, the billionaire cofounder and managing partner of private equity investment firm Thoma Bravo, the story always starts in Puerto Rico. His upbringing instilled in him a confidence to think differently in the Wild West of Silicon Valley and ultimately separate himself from other tech entrepreneurs.

Bravo attributes his meteoric rise in the early 2000s—when he made a name for himself in software acquisitions—to his Puerto Rican roots. As such, his incredible success has afforded him the opportunity to give back to a community that has given him so much and to be a role model for new generations of Puerto Rican entrepreneurs.

3. Picking Up the Check and Paying It Forward with Bobby Herrera

Bobby Herrera’s father, a bracero, sacrificed months away from home every year to raise the standards of living for his family. That narrative continued as Bobby and his family immigrated to the US, where a single act of generosity set into motion Bobby’s ambition to always pay it forward.

Today, as the author of The Gift of Struggle and cofounder of Populus Group, Bobby embraces his story as a means of grounding himself in the bigger story of empathetic Latino leadership. His belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed is at the core of his philosophy in business and in life.

4. The Latino Majority Welcomes Vice President Kamala Harris

In this powerful episode, US Vice President Kamala Harris graces The Latino Majority with her presence, recognizing the privilege of her seat at the table and honoring the underrepresented leaders who paved the way for her historic ascent. As the first female vice president in US history, her story is one of resolve, magnified by her dedication to the expansion of rights and continued investment in multicultural and multigenerational businesses.

Vice President Harris, born in Oakland, California, to immigrant parents from India and Jamaica, has remained steadfast in her advocacy for the nation’s diverse communities. As attorney general, she won settlements for Californians whose homes were foreclosed on and students taken advantage of by for-profit education companies, defended the Affordable Care Act, and championed marriage equality.

5. Camille Vasquez on Her “Earned Luck” in Law

Camille Vasquez, the prominent Latina lawyer who represented Johnny Depp in his highly publicized defamation trial, didn’t anticipate her fame. Raised by a Cuban mother and Colombian father who instilled in her the importance of education, Vasquez chose law over medicine, starting a path that led her to the international spotlight.

Vasquez doesn’t take her newfound celebrity lightly, recognizing her “earned luck” as an opportunity to serve as a role model for young Latinas entering law and to honor her parents’ sacrifices. As a partner at her firm and co-chair of the Brand & Reputation Management group, she formulates offensive and defensive litigation strategies for private clients while navigating parallel reputation management and crisis communications issues.

6. Covering the Latino Story with Alicia Menendez

For Alicia Menendez, an MSNBC anchor and host of the “Latina to Latina” podcast, bridging mainstream media to the Latino community brings a deep sense of responsibility. Exploring the Latino perspective thoroughly and consistently helps bring to light the connective tissue they share and prevents their stories from being obscured by others.

Early in her career, Menendez learned the value of context when shaping media narratives. Today, her “heart of service” extends to those Latinos in need of supporters and sponsors. She promotes the idea that breaking down silos requires clarity of purpose and a willingness to ask for help, ensuring enough representation in front of the camera and behind the microphone to report on the new narrative of the “new majority.”

The Latino Majority podcast has become a powerful platform for amplifying the voices and stories of influential Latino leaders shaping the global marketplace. Through captivating episodes, we have witnessed the journeys of trailblazers overcoming adversity, challenging conventions, and paving the way for future generations.

As we embark on the sixth season, we remain committed to providing a platform for these inspiring narratives, fostering deeper understanding of the Latino experience, and celebrating the achievements of those redefining leadership in the twenty-first century. The Latino Majority is a movement, a celebration of the rich cultures making up the “new majority,” and a call to embrace our authentic selves for a more inclusive world.

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