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20 Latina Business Influencers to Follow Today

20 Latina Business Influencers to Follow Today

These Latina business influencers are on a mission to change the world—and you won’t want to miss what they do next

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There are countless Latina influencers out there who have cultivated passionate followings on social media, but it takes a special type of influencer to build both a brand and a business. And here at Hispanic Executive, we love nothing better than celebrating entrepreneurship.

Meet the Latina business influencers who are transforming their communities—and the world itself.


1. Ada V. Rojas, CEO and Founder, Vecina Couture

Ada V. Rojas is a mission-driven entrepreneur: all of her business efforts have reflected her desire to celebrate her Dominican American heritage and uplift other ambitious women. Her latest endeavor is Vecina Couture, a luxury loungewear line that’s been spotlighted by Oprah DailyEssenceRefinery29, and other top outlets.

2. Paola Alberdi, Founder and Creative Director, Blank Itinerary

Paola Alberdi knows fashion. She’s worked with the likes of Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Coach, and Dolce & Gabbana, not to mention lifestyle and beauty brands like Sephora and Givenchy Beauty. 

Today, the Mexican American serves as founder and creative director of Blank Itinerary, a bilingual fashion and lifestyle platform that’s earned Alberdi recognition from ForbesVogue México, and Harper’s Bazaar.

3. Julie Sariñana, Founder, Color Dept.

Julie Sariñana created clean nail care company Color Dept. to be a one-stop shop for nail art aficionados “who love to be different.” All Color Dept. products feature bold, vibrant colors and are made with wheat, potato, manioc, and corn rather than chemicals and plastics. 

In addition to her work with Color Dept., Sariñana runs a popular fashion blog called Sincerely Jules.

4. Julissa Prado, Founder and CEO, Rizos Curls

Afro-Mexican Julissa Prado spent years fighting her curly hair. She was never happy with how it looked, and she never found any hair products that helped.

In the years since then, she’s not only embraced her hair but created a clean, high-quality line of products designed for all curl types. Prado and Rizos Curls have been featured in People en EspañolPopSugar, and Forbes.

5. Cyndi Ramirez, Founder and CEO, Chillhouse

A serial entrepreneur with a background in fashion, marketing, lifestyle branding, and hospitality, Cyndi Ramirez has been featured by Refinery29Martha Stewart Magazine, theSkimm, and Hispanic Executive

Her latest venture, Chillhouse, is a “multi-point retail concept” that has revolutionized the spa world. Chillhouse offers a wellness-focused self-care experience that includes a workspace, nail art studio, and massage boutique—a true getaway for those in need of deep relaxation.

5. Camila Coelho, CEO and Founder, Camila Coelho Collection

Beauty and fashion influencer Camila Coelho has not one but two businesses: her eponymous

clean clothing line Camila Coelho Collection and a clean beauty brand called Elaluz. Her entrepreneurial spirit has earned her features in both Elle and Forbes.

The Brazilian American is also passionate about destigmatizing neurological disorders—she’s been battling epilepsy since the age of nine.

6. Irma Martinez, Founder and Creative Director, Trendy Inc.

A true icon in the fashion world, Ima Martinez has worked with celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Ricky Martin, Shakira, and Enrique Iglesias, to name but a few. Her company, Trendy Inc., specializes in lifestyle services for the production and entertainment industries. Martinez also offers advisory and coaching services as well as courses on the business of personal shopping and styling.

Read more about her career in Hispanic ExecutivePeople en Español, the Miami New Times, and Poder magazine.


1. Eva Hughes, Founder and CEO, Adira Consulting

Eva Hughes was a huge name in the luxury and media spaces—she served as editor-in-chief of VogueMéxico y Latinoamérica and as CEO of Condé Nast México y Latinoamérica—before she struck out on her own in January 2018. Her company, Adira Consulting, offers brand strategy advice to clients that primarily come from the luxury sector. She also offers group and individual coaching services. 

As noted in her Hispanic Executive feature, Adira is Hebrew for “strong, noble, powerful.”

2. Victoria Jenn Rodriguez, Founder, Dare to Leap Academy

Victoria Jenn Rodriguez is a business coach and serial entrepreneur who left her high-powered career in the corporate world to start a company of her own. 

Her newest business is called the Dare to Leap Academy: it’s an online learning platform where Rodriguez teaches other women how to leave corporate America behind to follow their passions—without giving up their financial stability. Learn more about her in her Hispanic Executive story.

Fitness and Health

1. Michelle Lewin, Founder, One0One

Venezuelan American Michelle Lewin is one of the biggest names in the fitness world: she is a model, bodybuilder, and cover star for magazines like OxygenPlayboy, and Muscle & Fitness Hers.

Lewin is also an entrepreneur. She sells health supplements, clothing, and gym accessories and equipment through her website and has her own personal training app.

2. Gloria Lucas, Founder and CEO, Nalgona Positivity Pride

An activist as well as an entrepreneur, Gloria Lucas specializes in providing education and resources for underrepresented people struggling with eating disorders. 

As founder and CEO of Nalgona Positivity Pride, she works to raise awareness about intersectional eating disorders—and to draw attention to the barriers that exist within communities of color. Her efforts have been spotlighted by NPR, Teen VogueLA TimesHuffPost, and more.

3. Adriana Alejandre, Founder, Latinx Therapy

Adriana Alejandre is an expert on trauma therapy, identity issues, anxiety, sexual abuse, mental health, and domestic violence. She wants to use her expertise to empower Latinos and help them feel confident in their own worth.

That’s why she created Latinx Therapy, Latinx Therapy, a bilingual resource hub dedicated to destigmatizing mental health in the Latino community. In 2021, she also founded a nonprofit called the Alejandre Foundation, which provides therapy grants to members of the Latino community.

Community Platforms

1. Ana Flores, Founder and Co-CEO, #WeAllGrow Latina Network

If you haven’t heard of Ana Flores yet, you will soon. The #WeAllGrow Latina Network is a digital community, lifestyle brand, and the world’s first network of Latina influencers. Founded in 2010 and originally focused on Latina bloggers, the community now works to elevate the voices of all Latinas (and femme-Latines) who are driving economic and social impacts. 

Flores’s work as founder and co-CEO has been highlighted in ForbesPeople en Español, and Hispanic Executive.

2. Jouss Carbajal, Founder, Girl Happen

Jouss Carbajal wants to help women entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. Unfortunately, to do that, she has to help them learn how to overcome bias and inequity.

That’s the mission of Girl Happen, a multifaceted female empowerment community that includes business consulting services, a digital marketplace where entrepreneurs can connect with customers, mentoring programs, and other services designed for Mexican women entrepreneurs. 


1. Yesi Ortiz, Cofounder, Latinos in Media & Arts

Mexican American Yesi Ortiz is a seasoned radio host, producer, TV host, podcaster, and a veteran of the music industry. Earlier in her career, se cohosted a TV show called The Collective Powered by Vevo, which was produced by Jennifer Lopez.

Ortiz is also passionate about giving back and has received numerous awards for her charitable efforts. Her organization Latinos in Media & Arts (LIMA) is focused on uplifting and equalizing Latino talent in the arts and media.

2. Carmen Carrera, Founder, CC3 Entertainment

Carmen Carrera is a beloved transgender activist, model, actress, entrepreneur, and television personality. She’s most famous for appearing on the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but she earned a spot on our list because of her work through CC3 Entertainment, an inclusive marketing and talent agency focused on supporting the LGBTQ+ community. 

Learn more about Carrera in her Hispanic Executive feature.


1. Jeannette Ceja—Founder and CEO, Jet Set with Jeannette

Jeannette Ceja is on a mission to see the world. She’s traveled to more than sixty countries (and counting) and in the process has become an award-winning travel journalist, public speaker, travel advisor, and television host. She’s interviewed Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown, and other prominent celebrities, athletes, and politicians. She also has a podcast, Global Conversations, which spotlights changemakers and other leaders in the travel industry.

Ceja is also a contributor to Hispanic Executive. Check out her work here.

Real Estate

1. Gigi Núñez; Founder; Mteamgroup LLC, Cleaning Professionals of Florida, and MLM Contractors Solutions

Today, Gigi Núñez is a philanthropist, author, real estate investor, mentor, board member, and serial entrepreneur. But years ago, she was simply an aspiring physician.

But Núñez was only studying medicine for her father’s sake—she dropped out after twelve semesters. However, the knowledge she gained later helped her save the life of her premature son. She now owns three different businesses, has made a name for herself by creating a company that reclaims debris from natural disaster zones, and is preparing to launch her own foundation. 


1. Codie Sanchez, Cofounder, Unconventional Acquisitions

Codie Sanchez was an award-winning journalist when she left the media world behind. But she only achieved greater heights when she stepped into the finance world. She secured top positions at State Street, Vanguard, and Goldman Sachs as well as a partnership role at private equity firm EEC. 

For the past three years, however, Sanchez has focused on using her intersectional expertise in finance and media to build a business of her own. Scratch that—two businesses of her own. In addition to serving as founder and CEO of Contrarian Thinking, a digital community and newsletter dedicated to helping people challenge the financial status quo, Sanchez also serves as cofounder of Unconventional Acquisitions, a company focused on small business acquisitions in the micro-PE sector.

Sanchez has been featured in Entrepreneur, CNN, ForbesBusiness InsiderInc., the New York Times, and Hispanic Executive.

2. Eliana Murillo, Founder and CEO, Eliment and Company

Eliana Murillo is a titan in the making. She is the cofounder of her family’s spirits brand Alquimia Tequila, the cofounder of Latinos in Tech Giving Circle, and the founder of Latinas Who Brunch as well as the founder and CEO of Eliment, a multipronged company that includes an innovation venture lab as well as a consulting firm and production studio. Her goal is to use Elimenet’s platform to invest in diverse start-ups, content creators, and small businesses.

Learn more about Murillo in ForbesFortune, Cosmo LatinaRefinery29, and Hispanic Executive

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