Top 10 Líderes 2020

This year’s Líderes are not only innovative thinkers in their respective fields but also, in many ways, revered public voices. While they’ve often had to battle to ensure that they and their collective cultures are better heard, it’s precisely been those battles—and those victories—that have propelled them to continue seeking progress.

John Leguizamo


John Leguizamo
Cofounder and Partner
NGL Collective


Steven Canals FX Networks


Steven Canals
Cocreator and Executive Producer, Pose


Gloria Calderon Kellett


Gloria Calderón Kellett
CEO, Glonation Studios
Executive Producer and Co-showrunner, One Day at a Time, Pop TV


Ramón Escobar CNN Worldwide


Ramon Escobar
VP of Talent Recruitment & Development
CNN Worldwide


Teresa Hamid IBM


Teresa Hamid
Fellow, VP, and CTO Cognitive Process Platforms



Tanya Saracho 
Creator and Showrunner, Vida


Paola Ramos


Paola Ramos 
Author, Vice News Correspondent, Latinx Advocate



Sylvia Bandera Coffinet


Sylvia Banderas Coffinet 
Publisher and Chief Brand & Revenue Officer
Hola! USA



Angel Gomez + Dr. Robert Rodriguez 
Cofounders and Co-owners
Latino Leadership Intensive


Daisy Auger-Dominguez


Daisy Auger-Dominguez 
Founder and CEO
Auger-Dominguez Ventures