• Evoking An Emotion

    If success is a culminant point in a career that fully encompasses all past experiences, then Elisa Padilla is living her dream. Padilla’s first job out of college was as an assistantMore

  • Big-Kid Business

    For expansion outside of the US, programming juggernaut Nickelodeon turns to Lourdes Arocho, VP of international consumer products, who excels at putting fun into the business of play More

  • Ready for Lyft-Off

    Lyft’s Veronica Juarez negotiates with governmental officials and navigates technology to open new roads for the ride-sharing service More

  • Silva Style

    Fabio Silva, a native Mexican and New Yorker of 12 years, gritted his way through an unconventional path that’s led him to a career as a major fashion-house general counsel. He gives us an up-close and personal peek into his stylish city life More

  • The Transformer

    The Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee (HPGM) organization has been around since 2001, but over the past three years, growth has been robust. Infrastructure has improved, membership has increased, and headquarters hasMore


Guest Editor Q&A

Carlos Cata has his finger on the pulse of marketing. As managing partner of global executive search firm CTPartners, he searches high and low for talent—for clients spanning Fortune 500, midsize, orMore


Change Maker

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion stays in motion. Eduardo Conrado is the latter object. Literally and figuratively, he’sMore


Marketing for a Greener World

Chris Montenegro McGrath is the vice president of global public affairs and sustainability and well-being for snack company Mondelēz International, which owns some of the world’s most recognizable brands like Oreo cookiesMore


Mets Fans Mobilize

Paul Asencio realized one thing when he took the CPA exam: he didn’t want to become a CPA. In 1998, when he heard that the New York Mets were in need ofMore


Emotionally Invested

Nearly 30 years ago, Julio Portalatin held his newborn daughter in his arms and wondered how he could make the world a better place for her. He wondered how he could ensureMore


The Yes-Woman

Cynthia Mares was never told to go to law school; she was simply driven to be a lawyer. The first in her family to go to college, Mares graduated from the UniversityMore


Big-Picture Consolidation

Eliseo Rojas, the first chief procurement officer at Interpublic Group of Companies, is leveraging the agency’s size to consolidate purchasing and reduce costs More


Lodging Giant Litigator

HE: Before we talk about your current role at Marriott, can you tell us about the $353 million judgment you won against Iran? Michael Martinez: The case, Sutherland v. the Islamic RepublicMore

Marcelo Modica-5285_v2

Walking the Walk

Mercer is a global consulting leader with 20,500 employees based in more than 40 countries. Given those numbers, it could be argued that the company’s “chief people officer” is one of theMore