The Visibility Issue: LGBTQ+

These leaders show us what it truly means to be authentic—and how that can empower one's career

These executives are known as leaders within their fields because they have been able to bring their authentic selves to work and use the full extent of their experience to innovate for the future.



Marty ChavezR. Martin Chavez
Grupo Santander




Monica Trasandes Monica Trasandes




Carmen Carrera Carmen Carrera
CC3 Entertainment




Andres Palencia Andres Palencia




Moises Zamora Moisés Zamora
Selena: The Series, Netflix




Diana Feliz Oliva Diana Feliz Oliva
Gilead Sciences




Ingrid Duran and Catherine PinoIngrid Duran and Catherine Pino
D&P Creative Strategies




Armando Ibanez Armando Ibañez
Undocumented Tales 




Queen Victoria Ortega and Bamby Salcedo Queen Victoria Ortega and Bamby Salcedo
FLUX | The TransLatin@ Coalition




Roman NavarretteGuest Editor Roman Navarrette