Ricardo de la Blanca

With his depth of experience with foreign cultures, Ricardo de la Blanca is a true international man of marketing. Born in Venezuela to the wealthy owners of Grupo Tropicana, de la Blanca was an apprentice before many of his peers reached high school. In 2003, powered by his own savvy and an enviable network of businesses, mentors, and friends, de la Blanca founded DLB Group Worldwide (dlbgroup.mobi), positioning the company as the go-to marketing and advertising resource for luxury brands. Like its chief officer, DLB Group is in many places at once, with offices located in the United States, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela. Only 40 years old, de la Blanca shares some secrets behind his 20-year international conquest.


Only 40 years old, Ricardo de la Blanca, DLB Group Worldwide founder, has already amassed 20 years of experience in international marketing.

Who were your mentors?
My inspiration comes from two people: my father, and my business partner Roberto Vásquez. My father was the example of an entrepreneur. He worked hard and he had a vision. Roberto leads by example. He offered knowledge on best practices, strategy, and business vision, but he also provided good advice, support, and confidence.

What advice would you give to others hoping to follow in your footsteps? 
Find your passion and focus, surround yourself with the right people, always aim high

Biggest mistake:
I would have liked to enjoy the [entrepreneurship] process even more. Looking back, I can see how hard I pushed myself into perfectionism

Greatest accomplishment:
My beautiful kids—without a doubt

First Job:
Selling my own drawing at age 9 [for $5]

Years in Industry: 20

As the head of a global company, what have you learned about working across multiple cultures?
Every culture has something magical. I try to learn the maximum I can in every country, every culture, and determine how those things can make sense in other territories.

How many foreign offices does DLB have? 10