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10 Latinx and LGBTQ+ Podcasts to Subscribe to this Pride Month

10 Latinx and LGBTQ+ Podcasts to Subscribe to this Pride Month

From culture to social justice issues, to mental health, and to storytelling, these Latinx and queer podcasts offer a wide range of engaging and powerful content

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Looking for a binge-worthy podcast that celebrates both Latinx and queer voices? We’ve got you covered. Our team curated ten shows that will keep you entertained, informed, and inspired. Whether you’re looking for deep cultural conversations on mental health and social justice, or excited to hear personal stories and humorous takes, these podcasts offer that and more through the less of Latinx and queer experiences.

Plus, this June 28, don’t miss Hispanic Executive’s podcast, The Latino Majority, as we will be featuring queer Latina Rosanna Durruthy, VP of Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at LinkedIn.

1. Latinos Who Lunch

Hosted by FavyFav and Babelito, this podcast explores various topics related to queer Latinx culture, identity, and activism, while also discussing art, food, and social justice.

2. De Colores Radio

Hosted by Eva Arreguin and Pat Arreguin, this podcast celebrates the voices and experiences of queer people of color, including Latinx voices, through interviews, storytelling, and discussions on art, culture, and social issues.

3. Locatora Radio

Hosted by Diosa Femme and Mala Muñoz, this feminist podcast centers the experiences of queer Latinas, discussing topics such as mental health, relationships, spirituality, and decolonial feminism.

4. Latinx & Queer

Hosted by Antonio Gonzalez, this engaging podcast delves into the unique experiences of growing up queer within a Latin household. With a focus on personal stories and authentic insights, each episode explores the complexities of navigating both Latinx and queer identities.

5. Cabronas y Chingonas

Hosted by Myte and Syntia, two queer Latinas  on the search for the best representation in the media. Their podcast discusses queer and people of color’s representation in the media.

6. Bitter Brown Femmes

Hosted by Cassandra Alicia and Rubén Angel, two Chicanx queer femmes, this podcast discusses social and political matters impacting marginalized communities today, with an emphasis on: LGBT+, Latinx/Chicanx, and women’s issues.

7. Anzaldúing It

Hosted by Dr. Angelica Becerra, a political graphics scholar and visual artist, and Dr. Jack Caraves, a trans studies professor, this queer Latinx podcast navigates academia, relationships, and mental health.

8. The Super Secret Bestie Club

Hosts Curly Velasquez and Maya Murillo debate topics within relationships, friendship, and self-esteem. The hosts talk from their personal experiences.

9. Hyphenated

Comedic duo Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo discuss living in the hyphen that connects American and Latin culture. As American Latinas, they craft their comedy around what it means to be bicultural and share hilarious and thought-provoking conversations about the particularities of being hyphenated.

10. Food 4 Thot

Hosted by Fran Tirado, Tommy Pico, Denne Michele Norris, and Joseph Osmundson, this podcast is self-described as a multiracial mix of queer writers talking about sex, relationships, race, identity, what they like to read, and who they like to read.

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