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These 6 Latinas in Tech Are Revolutionizing the Industry

These 6 Latinas in Tech Are Revolutionizing the Industry

Technology is a large part of our growing society. Here are six revolutionary Latinas in tech, innovating for the future.

Photos by Marlene Den Bleyker/Wikimedia Commons (Adriana Gascoigne), Eóin Noonan/Web Summit Rio/Wikimedia Commons(Silvina Moschini), Rafaella Pedroso (Rocío Van Nierop)

Latinas are making big progress in the technology industry, bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the table. From creating revolutionary software to leading major tech companies, these talented women are proving that the tech world is better with diversity. Their hard work and determination are not only changing the industry, but also inspiring the next generation of Latinas in tech to lead.

Let’s explore how these incredible women are making their mark on technology.

1. Adriana Gascoigne

Adriana Gascoigne is the founder and CEO of Girls in Tech, a global nonprofit that works to put an end to gender inequality in high-tech industries and startups. She faced discrimination as the only female executive for a startup and is now creating initiatives for other women going into STEM to foster a system of support.

Adriana Gascoigne, Girls in Tech founder and CEO, shares her unique vision for empowering the next generation of female leaders across the tech industry.

2. Silvina Moschini

Silvina Moschini is the CEO of Unicorns Inc., the venture and innovation arm from the producers of Unicorn Hunters, and founder of Unicoin Inc., the public reporting company that addresses the extreme volatility of the crypto market. Moschini is the first Latin American woman to lead a company to unicorn status with TransparentBusiness in 2021 and SheWorks! Moschini is a leading authroity on the digital economy, the future of finance, and the transformative impact of Web3 blockchain technologies.

3. Laura Gómez

Laura Gómez is founder and CEO of Atipica, a company leveraging artificial intelligence to tackle the issues of diversity in hiring. She has served on multiple boards, including Delfina and Pluck. In fact, the Washington and Lee University graduate is also the founding advisor and cofounder of Project Include. Plus, she is the founder and CEO of Proyecto Sol, as well as CEO and cofounder of Cepanoa Health.

Laura Gomez, CEO and founder of Atipica, gives her POV on the mandate for diversity in tech, the importance of overcoming our biases, and the trials faced by female founders.

4. Karla Monterroso

Code2040 CEO Karla Monterroso is working to activate, connect, and mobilize the largest racial equity community in tech. Additionally, she works to grow the power of Latino and Black leadership, while serving as an inspiration for others.

Karla Monterroso, the CEO of Code2040 frames the way that technology is changing the way we experience the economy.

5. Rocío Van Nierop

Rocío Van Nierop is the CEO and cofounder of Latinas in Tech, a nonprofit organization that works to grow the diversity of Latina women in technology.

Furthermore, her love for technology began when she was young. Now, she strives to build that love in other Latinas. 

Discover Van Nierop’s early years brought her to be one of the foremost tech creators and masterminds.

Plus, read her feature for Hispanic Executive below.

6. Lucía Gallardo

Lucía Gallardo is the founder and CEO of Emerge, a company focused on building technology for social impact, including blockchain solutions for supply chain transparency and refugee aid.

Lucia Gallardo shares her views on multidimensional NFTs guarding the rainforest at the TNABC in 2022.

In conclusion, these Latina leaders are not only excelling in their respective fields, but also working to create more opportunities for others in the tech industry. Check out our tech industry page to find more Latino and Hispanic tech leaders to learn from.

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