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HR News Round-Up, March 22

HR News Round-Up, March 22

This week’s HR news round-up covers opportunities in the space industry, the global adoption of remote work, and more

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The HR landscape is changing faster than ever! Are you feeling the pressure to stay on top of trends, craft winning strategies, and navigate emerging challenges? We’ve got your back.  Dive into the latest HR news and insights we’ve specifically curated for busy decision-makers like you.

Space Race Heats Up for Talent

The aerospace industry is booming—but this time it’s for talent with companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin offering competitive salaries to attract top engineers and lure them away from government agencies. This is making it tougher for established players like NASA to compete, and the demand for skilled aerospace engineers isn’t expected to let up for the next decade or so.

This is great news for HR leaders in the space sector, but it also presents a challenge. How can you attract and retain top talent in this competitive environment?

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Hispanic Executive Exclusive

Gaby Rios Giacona Stays Close to Her Heritage While Leading Globally in HR

Gaby Rios Giacona. Unity
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As senior human resources director, Gaby Rios Giacona hasn’t ever shied away from making a difficult choice. Since joining Unity in 2018, the Venezuelan immigrant has seen her areas expand year-over-year and offers advice to those looking to advance their careers.

“I’ve learned to embrace my heritage and show younger generations and aspiring Latina leaders that authenticity is exactly what corporations need more of, not the opposite.”

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Remote Work Goes Global

A new study shows a surge in remote work across the world, with many companies adopting hybrid models as workers express their preference to work from home. This shift is forcing HR departments around the globe to adapt their policies and benefits to this new work style—even while business leaders still push for employees to return to the office.

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Burnout on the Rise

A recent survey indicates employee burnout is on the rise, with workers feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Companies are starting to prioritize mental health initiatives and offer more flexible work arrangements to combat this new spike.

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Upskilling Focus for the Future

As technology evolves rapidly with the integration of generative artificial intelligence and more, companies are placing a growing emphasis on upskilling their employees. This allows them to stay competitive and adapt to changing industry needs as technology advancements look to disrupt workers’ skills in the next five years.

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