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Photographer Cass Davis shares an afternoon of conversation and collaboration in Miami with social media maven Karli Henriquez.

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Power in Numbers

Shoot far more than you’ll ever use, then edit down to a select few: this process is essential to creating a strong image. How does Karli know when she has the right photo? “If the image captures me at my most natural, that’s when I know we have the shot,” she says. “I love a candid moment! I then curate a solid caption and share it out to the masses. Sharing my journey with my followers is important to me.”   


Karli Henriquez being photographed by a friend

An Unspoken Bond

Creating an image is such a collaborative process between the photographer and the subject. The relationship is built over a short span of time, and that trust is what unlocks the shot. “The person behind the camera has to be someone you can trust with your insecurities,” Karli says.


Karli Henriquez walking down a sidewalk along a fence in Miami

Know Your Audience, Know Yourself

“When I started posting, I began to understand the formula of my followers—what they wanted to see more of and know more about,” Karli says. Though she considers the interests of her audience, she makes it a point to remain honest and true to herself. “I’m a career woman—you might expect me to walk in with a suit on, not sneakers,” she says. “It’s a new day, I wear what I feel comfortable in. The Wall Street Journal recently quoted me in an article about scrunchies at the workplace. My quote was, ‘Women can wear whatever they want to the workplace, as long as they get the job done,’ and I still stand by my quote.”


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Metaphysical Matters

Upon arriving at this courtyard, Karli immediately connected with certain objects. For example, the agave plant reminded her of her LA home. Including these in her images helps her further connect with her followers. “Do you,” she says. “It’s that easy. Find things that help you feel positive and focused, find your authentic self before creating the image. Ensure your choices continue to say, ‘This is me. If you’d like to get to know me, you can follow me.’”


Karli Henriquez partial shadows

“This is me.”

With something as simple as a beautiful patch of light, magic is created. Light is an essential element in photography; it’s a form of unspoken poetry. “This is a very reflective image: It’s very honest, it’s me,” Karli says. “This is who I am, take me or leave me. It feels very powerful.”

As a social-media influencer, Karli opens up and shares herself every day. “There’s power in sharing your journey, your failures and victories, in your social channels. I believe it’s the way you control your life’s narrative.”


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