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Movers and Shakers: Lauren Lopez

Movers and Shakers: Lauren Lopez

Lauren Lopez is a Nuyorican executive and the chief people and culture officer at the National Women’s Soccer League.

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Lauren Lopez is a human resources executive specializing in the establishment of healthy company cultures that are rooted in equitable and transparent employee experiences. Today, she serves as xf From talent management and employee relations to inclusion and workforce development, her almost twenty years of experience have equipped her to provide innovative and sustainable enterprise solutions in times of transformation. Lopez has served as a strategic leadership advisor, culture builder, and champion for underrepresented talent across several industries (financial services, technology, journalism, digital media, and sports).

Her work is directly aligned to a passion for eliminating barriers to entry and biases that still exist today from boardrooms to the field. Lopez credits mentors for contributing to the creation of her own “road map” that largely influenced the trajectory of her success as a first-generation college graduate and executive. She is motivated by the idea that all talent can thrive if provided with exposure and tools to successfully navigate their professional growth. Lopez is a proud Nuyorican raised in Hell’s Kitchen (NYC). She is a lover of travel, continuous learning, wellness, and music, specifically ’90s hip-hop and R&B.

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