LISTEN: Latinas, America’s Most Powerful Entrepreneurs

Top Latina entrepreneurs Katia Beauchamp, Carolina Bañales, Carolina Huaranca, Marina Diaz Ibarra, and Susie Jaramillo discuss their experiences and insights at The Alumni Society’s 2019 Leadership Summit.

The most powerful session of The Alumni Society’s 2019 Leadership Summit was a panel discussion between five top Latina entrepreneurs entitled “Strength in Numbers: Latinas, America’s Most Powerful Entrepreneurs.”

The panel included (pictured above, from left): Carolina Bañales, founder of Eyecue Insights; Carolina Huaranca, principal of Kapor Capital; Katia Beauchamp, CEO of Birchbox; Susie Jaramillo, president and chief creative officer of Encantos Media; Marina Diaz Ibarra, partner and managing director of Wolox Inc.; and moderator Monica Mandelli, managing director of KKR.

Listen here for the full discussion, and scroll down for a few of our favorite moments.




Latina Entrepreneur panel: Carolina Bañales, Carolina Huaranca, and Katia Beauchamp

“I’ve noticed how when I walk into rooms, sometimes I’m treated differently. I remember going to a demo day event at a big tech company and I was doing a pitch. I walk into the room, and a worker who was cleaning handed me a plate. That actually happens quite often. It was a really telling experience for me about what they think someone who is Latina is meant to do. I actually went into that pitch competition and I won it.”

—Carolina Huaranca, Principal, Kapor Capital


Latina entrepreneurs panel_2019 Leadership Summit The Alumni Society_Katia Beauchamp speaking

“Immediately when you get pregnant you’re like, ‘But I promise I’m committed.’ There’s this moment when you realize you have to start over to prove your commitment to an organization. But [companies], I can promise you: mothers are your secret weapon. We are so powerful.”

—Katia Beauchamp, CEO, Birchbox


Latina entrepreneur panel discussion_The Alumni Society 2019 Leadership Summit_Marina Diaz Ibarra speaking

“I think that we need to bring more men to the conversation and educate them on why [female empowerment] is so important for the society that we want to build. It has to stop being just a group of women talking about rights—bring more men to advocate. They’re actually convinced that diversity has an economic value for a corporation.”

—Marina Diaz Ibarra, Partner and Managing Director, Wolox Inc.



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