Hanging out with HITEC

Myrna Soto, Andre Arbelaez, and Ileana Rivera on how to manage an online presence that works for you and your business

Staff photographer Sheila Barabad traveled to Atlanta to spend an afternoon with Soto, Rivera, and Arbelaez at the 2015 HITEC Q1 IT Leadership Summit, hosted by the Coca-Cola Company.

MYRNA SOTO: Comcast’s chief infrastructure and information security officer offers valuable tips for managing an online persona. HERE

ILEANA RIVERA: Cisco’s IT expert stresses the importance of keeping up with the social media trends to stay relevant in an ever-evolving industry. HERE

ANDRE ARBELAEZ: As the president of HITEC, Arbelaez stays on top of managing his own personal brand as well as those of HITEC members. HERE