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Hispanic Executive’s 2014 Top 10 Líderes

Hispanic Executive’s 2014 Top 10 Líderes

This marks the third consecutive year Hispanic Executive has published its Top 10 Líderes list, which recognizes Latinos who exemplify leadership and innovation in the business arena. We look for trailblazers shaking up the global marketplace, raising the bar, and serving as role models for other Latinos. We are proud to present 2014’s exclusive and elite group representing the best and brightest among us. This year’s lineup features:

Robert Chavez | Hermès of Paris, Inc.

Jorge Ramos | Univision + Fusion

Luella Chavez D’Angelo | Western Union

Tim Campos | Facebook

Bea Perez | Coca-Cola

General Josue Robles | USAA

Antonio Gracias | Valor Equity Partners

Monica Diaz | ESPN

Mariano Legaz | Verizon

Maria Teresa Kumar | Voto Latino

Hispanic Executive Honors its 2014 Top 10 Líderes in New York City

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