Chart Topper: Ingrid Gonzalez Hernandez

Born in Cuba and raised in Italy, Ingrid Gonzalez Hernandez, 32, brings a global perspective and commitment to making a difference in the lives of people to the boardroom. A 2009 graduate of the University of Miami Graduate Business School, she is currently a consultant at Deloitte, involved in global finance-transformation projects for large corporations. When she’s not merging her IT and business savvy to ensure her clients’ matters are in harmony, Hernandez is likely singing along to the latest musical hits—in italiano, español, or English.

Career goal Long-term, I want to be a leader of an organization that executes projects or does business of high positive impact on people. Whether that entails being a partner at Deloitte or executive at a corporation or director at a nonprofit social organization, I want to lead the work of large teams to enhance the life of people.

Master of Business Administration,
University of Miami Graduate School of Business, 2009

Master and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology,
University of Milan, 2003

Work experience
September 2009–present: Business Technology Consultant
Deloitte Consulting

May 2008–August 2008: MBA Finance Intern
Bausch & Lomb

June 2000–August 2006: Software Engineer
Milan Institute of Technology

November 2008–May 2009: MBA Strategy Advisor
Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce

Why Hire Me

I am passionate about everything I do. No matter what my assignment is—I do it with passion.


Role model
Tonie Leatherberry, principal at Deloitte
[Tonie] started with Deloitte as a senior consultant 17 years ago. She is now an icon of the information-management practice nationwide. Over this time, she has achieved great recognition and respect from clients, colleagues, the community of Philadelphia, and her family.

Dream job
Working with people and for the benefit of people
It will be a structured position, while still allowing room for dynamism. It will be project-oriented, with clear starts and ends, challenging, and looking for tangible results.

Define success
The fulfillment of three aspects that I consider essential in life: family, professional career, and community. When you have a well-educated, close-knit, and caring family; when you lose the sense of time when you are at work and don’t mind coming back from vacation; when you understand, accept, and often enjoy the dynamics of the community where you live, that to me altogether defines success.