A Day in the Life of Andrea Trujillo

Photographer Cass Davis followed L’ATTITUDE’s director of brand and digital marketing around her Los Angeles home base. Daughter of renowned businessman Sol Trujillo, Andrea has shown her own entrepreneurial prowess with her A.sweeT. Boutique business, which she owned and operated in Beverly Hills for six years. Now, she balances community and philanthropic initiatives with her marketing work for L’ATTITUDE.

At the end of the day, Andrea heads to dinner with friends at Craig’s in West Hollywood, where the exterior mural by RETNA represents the design-district location and serves as one of the most Instagrammed walls in Los Angeles.

Andrea Trujill at Heart & Hustle, working out
7:04 A.M.

Andrea Trujillo kicks off her day with strength and circuit training at Heart & Hustle in West Hollywood. “The best way to start the day is a good workout. I love it. It gets my mind, body, and spirit in ‘go’ mode and sets the tone for the day. Plus, the energy in the gym is unparalleled. I always leave feeling better than when I came in.”


Andrea Trujillo holding Matcha closeup

8:34 A.M.

Before her daily grind begins, she grabs an almond matcha at Alfred’s Tea Room in Brentwood. “A clean caffeine kick is always a nice supplement to my morning workout. But a hot drink at the beginning of the day is also a habitual cozy ritual that starts off the morning calmly and with focus.”


Andrea Trujillo at desk

9:21 A.M.

Andrea shows her mastery of the art of communication: she routinely checks emails and social media to stay updated and responsive.


Andrea Trujillo in courtyard

10:07 A.M.

Basking in the daylight from her courtyard, she hops on a scheduled call with La Reyna, Robert Rodriguez’s creative agency and L’ATTITUDE event partner. “Working with La Reyna has been so fun. We have great synergy. We are in lockstep when it comes to getting things done.”


Andrea Trujillo at SWIM Social meeting

12:11 P.M.

At a meeting with L’ATTITUDE’s social media firm, SWIM Social, Andrea dissects the latest audience metrics and engagement strategies. “SWIM is the best in the business. It’s a gift to be able to present my ideas and strategies, then have their team translate them into social concepts that come with unparalleled results in engagement and growth.”


Andrea Trujillo

12:32 P.M.

Andrea’s role may be focused on digital marketing, but she still reads the Wall Street Journal in print. “The Wall Street Journal is a L’ATTITUDE media partner and one of the few publications that truly understands the new mainstream economy. I always save the copies with pertinent features and op-eds.”


Andrea Trujillo meets with Fingerprint Communications

1:33 P.M.

She arrives at the office of Fingerprint Communications, L’ATTITUDE’s public relations agency, for a meeting to debrief L’ATTITUDE 2019. The conversation is jovial, as the weight felt by the pressure of the four-day event has been lifted.


Andrea Trujillo at Jessica Miesels

2:34 P.M.

“I feel lucky to work with longtime friends like Jessica Miesels, president and founder of Fingerprint Communications, who are passionate about making L’ATTITUDE a huge success.”


A Day in the Life of Andrea Trujillo

3:01 P.M.

At Pacifique LA, Andrea and colleagues from Fingerprint enjoy a late lunch and toast to a successful event. “I count my blessings every day to work with insanely talented people, friends, and family. It’s love, passion, and coordinated collaboration that have made L’ATTITUDE a success so far. I am so excited for what’s to come. This team has a lot of L’ATTITUDE, and we have mapped out a bright future!”



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