Hispanic Executive Hosts First Event in Boston

The Uniting Powerful Leaders Dinner, in partnership with Brugal, featured a rum tasting and intimate networking opportunities for Boston-area leaders

Photo: Evan Richman Photography

Hispanic leaders braved the late February winter storm to attend Hispanic Executive’s first-ever event in Boston: Uniting Powerful Leaders Dinner, in partnership with Brugal.

“Tonight is a catalyst for our community’s advancement,” said Kyle Evangelista, vice president of business development for Hispanic Executive. “And our advancement continues year after year with a platform like this, which brings Latinos in positions of influence to come together and connect.”

The night began with introductions around the private board room at Strega Waterfront. Attendees were encouraged to share their big, hairy, audacious goals for 2019. Goals varied from professional—bring their company to the next level, work smart and play more, hire the right people and the right team, bring innovation—to personal—be better spouses, better self-care, support their children as they prepare for college applications.

Uniting Powerful Leaders Dinner Boston
Sammy Karachi, Brugal Brand AmbassadorPhoto: Evan Richman Photography

Then it was time for the rum tasting, which was led by Brugal brand ambassador Sammy Karachi.

“I have, sadly, no Hispanic background but I am Moroccan, which is about as close as you can get to Spain without actually being Spanish,” said Karachi, who was getting over a head cold. “Thankfully, the best medicine for the common cold, as we all know, is rum.”

Karachi provided a Rum 101, focusing on the history of Brugal, the making of rum, and the differences among French-, English-, and Spanish-style rums. Karachi’s favorite is the Spanish rum, produced in places such as Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic—a wonderful nod to the Dominicans in the room.

He spoke of the terroir of the Spanish rums like Brugal. “Terroir, a French word, really just refers to a spirit or product having a sense of place,” he explained. “And the terroir that we talk about with regard to the Dominican Republic is really important to me because it shows that this is rum that could not be made anywhere else in the world.”


The event brought together leaders from SANOFI, Harvard University, Verizon, Grupo Salinas, John Hancock Financial, Liberty Mutual, UBS Financial Services, and more.

Photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page.