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Tech News Roundup, March 22

Tech News Roundup, March 22

This week’s tech news roundup covers the threat of an Apple monopoly, bigger pushes to integrate AI, and more

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Buckle up, tech titans—this week’s roundup delivers innovation and intrigue!

This week, the technology landscape sizzles with news that impacts how we work, play, and explore in a rapidly evolving digital world. Dive into legal battles that could reshape the smartphone market, witness the rise of AI companions on Microsoft devices, and discover a cutting-edge chip that levels up affordable phones. But we’re not just focused on Earth—a snake-like robot slithers towards a historic mission on Saturn’s moon, Titan!

Read on to discover key insights from the technology market.

Justice Department Sues Apple

Clash of the titans! This week, the gloves came off as the US government threw down the gauntlet at Apple in a blockbuster antitrust lawsuit, accusing Apple of creating a monopoly in the smartphone market. This means the tech company might have limited consumer choice and potentially raised prices by making it harder to use other apps and devices.

Apple denies the claim, so the issue will be played out in court.

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Microsoft Puts Its AI Assistant in the Spotlight

Microsoft is making a power play in the AI assistant game by supercharging their assistant, Copilot, and integrating it across all Windows devices. By doing so, they’re creating new capabilities, allowing the digital brain that is Copilot to help users with tasks and eventually become a more helpful companion that could anticipate user needs, streamline tasks, and more.

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Faster Chips for Affordable Phones

Qualcomm just unveiled the Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 3 chip, and it’s about to redefine what’s possible for affordable Android phones. This means smoother gaming, better camera features, and overall faster performance could be coming to these more budget-friendly options. And the good news? You won’t have to wait long to experience the power of the 7 Plus Gen 3—phones equipped with this chip are expected to hit the market soon from leading manufacturers.

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Snakebot Seeks Life on Saturn’s Moon

Engineers are developing a snake-like robot designed to explore the icy moon of Saturn, Enceladus. The robot can move through ice, water, sane, and tight spaces, designed to collect samples from the ocean. This ambitious project could help humans search for signs of life in one of the most intriguing places in our solar system.

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