Mercer’s “When Women Thrive” study makes waves

Three mercer executives on a new study that supports their principle of diversity and gender equality in business

Mercer CEO, Julio Portalatin, Mercer partner, Cindy Gentry, and Mercer chief people officer, Marcelo Modica walk us through a revolutionary new Mercer study, When Women Thrive in our July/August 2015 issue. Stay tuned!


web_DSC_0037“We know that women experience very different health issues, and they are the primary health decision-makers for their families. An effective strategy requires you to think about what programs will attract and retain women.” – Cindy Gentry

Senior Partner, Mercer




web_Julio-Portalatin-5302“As a leading talent consultant working with 28,000 clients that employ millions of people, Mercer is invested in helping our clients thrive. Advancing female talent is something we know allows businesses to thrive, but we didn’t want to just add to the chorus of saying we need to do a better job at hiring, retaining, and promoting women. We wanted to offer deeper insights into how to get it right and provide a clear path for doing that.” –Julio Portalatin

President and CEO, Mercer







web_Marcelo-Modica-5206“For us, diversity is about staying cutting edge. The best teams are the most diverse. Diversity of thought is the foundation of our philosophy and the core of the work I do.” – Marcelo Modica

Chief People Officer, Mercer




Read the study HERE and the full feature in July/August 2015!