How Liberationist Helps Organizations Thrive in Change

Gustavo Razzetti and his team of change instigators advise Fortune 500 companies and startups alike on how to succeed in the modern business world

Gustavo Razzetti Liberationist
Gustavo Razzetti, founder of Liberationist

Change is unavoidable, and no one knows that quite as well as Gustavo Razzetti, founder of Liberationist. The change leadership expert has more than two decades of experience helping organizations thrive through massive, rapid change throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe—from the Fortune 500 to start-ups.

“Change has never happened this fast, and to succeed, organizations need to develop teams that are adaptive to thrive in ever-changing conditions,” Razzetti explains. By driving adaptability-driven teams, cultivating psychological safety and an experimental mind-set, and inspiring a culture of learning, Razzetti is certain that Liberationist can help leaders and organizations thrive in even the most extreme change.

Through workshops and direct consultation centered on personal development, team transformation, and instilling a culture of change, Liberationist has already proven an invaluable resource to organizations such as American Capital, Chicago Executives Club, and Steelcase. Liberationist’s programs center companies’ efforts to grow and improve individuals and teams working together and adapting to new realities—which is quite an asset for businesses on a quest to become leaders in their industries.

Gustavo Razzetti at a Liberationist workshop
Gustavo Razzetti leads the discussion during one of the Liberationist workshops.

That frequently starts from the top-down. “First, leaders need to take the initiative and take action,” Razzetti explains. “A lot of people are talking about how the world is changing and the need to accelerate digital transformation, but very few are addressing the biggest issue: to become more innovative and adaptive, organizations need to prepare, train, and coach their teams.”

More than pushing change initiatives, Liberationist helps leaders overcome resistance by gaining buy-in and drive enthusiasm from team-building workshops and team retreats to improve trust, collaboration, and performance. “These programs ignite innovation and free teams up to think in new ways,” Razzetti says.

Liberationist’s programs are aimed at individuals as well as teams, helping to drive passion and stretch minds. “Personal development programs challenge limitations and unleash true potential,” Razzetti adds. Whether aiding individuals in making a bold career move or improving change fitness, Liberationist aims to help people get unstuck and ignite their passion.

As a Latino entrepreneur, Razzetti wants others from groups traditionally overlooked by corporate America to take the opportunity in the rapidly changing world to step up and build the future. “I hope Latino leaders want to take the lead on this effort,” he says.