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Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

As much as we might try to always live in the moment, the latter part of a calendar year triggers reflection. What have I personally accomplished or overcome in the past year? What have we as a country, as a community, or even as humanity faced in 2015, good or bad? Certainly, there have been some horrors—senseless violence and tragedy—but let us also remember the steps forward.

Each year, as we choose our Top 10 Líderes, the criteria  become more and more focused. We want to highlight those who have come into their own, have had major professional wins, have made an impact, and have shown exemplary leadership in the past year. Our chosen cover líder, Cynthia Telles, has shown a will-of-force and fearlessness in fighting for equality in access to mental health care. As she said in her speech at the Martin Luther King Community Health Foundation in early 2015: “We cannot rest until diversity is a source of strength for communities; health is a shared agenda; and partnership is a norm.” And she never does.

Similarly, Gerardo Rodriguez, who advocates on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community experienced a major win in June 2015 when the Supreme Court passed the law of marriage equality across the nation. While he was thrilled for that victory, Rodriguez continues unwaveringly to seek equality and equal justice in every lacking corner of the country.

Whether from the perspective of big business, government, or nonprofit, our líderes are fierce in their principles and fearless in their efforts; they continuously fight for the betterment of their communities, their places of work, and growth within themselves. They may live in the moment, but their vision lies in the future.

Join me in taking un momento de reflejo al fin del año to consider where  we are going, how to get there, and,  especially, how far we’ve come.

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