An Olympic-Sized Commitment

An unexpected encounter with a well-traveled financial adviser introduced Randy Garcia, a Nevada native, to the investment-management profession. It was this introduction to the industry, the encouragement of mentors in his early years, and his father’s work ethic that fueled the intensity of Garcia’s work. Determined to offer clients the best possible investment opportunities and advice, he founded The Investment Counsel Company of Nevada in May 1987, the first Nevada-based investment-management consulting firm. Today, it boasts 15 employees and approximately $750 million in assets under management. Hispanic Executive caught up with Garcia to learn about the firm’s unique traits and what drives his vision.

When speaking to kids, Randy Garcia says he tells them that to be successful they must “make this your Olympic sport and train with the same level of intensity and commitment as an Olympian.” PHOTO: Melissa Goodin

My passion to provide clients with investment guidance without compromise was the inspiration behind founding The Investment Counsel Company. I believe that investors should have unbiased advice and access to all investment opportunities, not limited to an investment firm’s inventory of products or generic solutions.

I never had the dream or aspiration to become an entrepreneur—I wanted to work with an investment firm where the client came first. So, by default, I built one from the ground up that set the standards for what my clients deserved. Prior to starting the company, I had a successful career as a senior financial adviser with one of the large national financial-services firms. There, I developed strong relationships with clients that became the foundation of the company.

Our client profile by industry definition looks like many other firms: affluent families, corporate retirement plan sponsors, and nonprofits, but we feel that is where the similarities stop. We do not profile our clients by assets under management or by industry profession, we view ourselves as servicing those stewards of wealth who value and expect a superior standard of independent investment guidance, perspective, and judgment.

We recognize our clients need and value the extra effort, additional knowledge, and expertise that we bring to the table above and beyond other firms. That’s what differentiates us. The average investor has six different financial services relationships while over 90 percent of our clients have just one relationship—The Investment Counsel Company. There is a strong level of confidence and trust.

The company has been acknowledged for excellence by multiple financial publications, not only statewide but nationally as well. There are two reasons we’ve been able to stay a leader in the industry. First, by never being complacent and treating every day and every client like it’s the first day on the job. And second, remembering nothing can ever replace hard work and there is no such thing as over preparation.

My day typically begins at 5:30 a.m. I hit the gym for an hour while watching the business channel and then I start reading early-morning research from my team. My day continues with research, investment analysis, and client meetings. Our company meets with clients quarterly. We view it as a well check to address and respond to those issues, questions, or concerns that could be present in our clients’ minds, whether happening in their life or externally.

The other hours in my day are dedicated to working with staff and philanthropy. I want to play an integral role in creating positive change in my community, so I’m very involved, with a focus on education. The advice given when speaking to kids is if you want to be successful, make this your Olympic sport and train with the same level of intensity and commitment as an Olympian. That’s how my team and I work every day.

Every employee understands the level of performance that’s expected at The Investment Counsel Company. If clients want an average experience, they can go through the yellow pages and pick an investment adviser at random, but if they want a special relationship, a firm that is committed to them, and personal solutions to achieving their financial goals, they’ll see that here immediately. The greatest compliment we can hear, and we hear it often, is the only regret our clients have is not coming to our firm sooner.