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How do you stay ahead of the competition in the sports industry and beyond?

How do you stay ahead of the competition in the sports industry and beyond?


Daniel Velasco
Marketing Manager
NFL Houston Texans

You must know your demographic. In sports, and particularly football, our target demo[graphic] is acculturated males 18 to 35, but with a focus on youth as well. This is the reason Super Bowl XLV in Dallas in 2011 was the most-watched and most-viewed program among Hispanics in US history, surpassing even that of the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer final.

The old saying of “everyone loves a winner” is especially true in sports. You can’t control the outcome on the field, so this is where the component of the experience is crucial. Making any interaction with your team or product a memorable experience is the fundamental key to success. Ultimately, the memories are the only nonmaterial component fans can take from the game, event, or product.

You also need platforms (TV, radio, Internet, print, etc.) in the given language you’re targeting, but they have to be genuine and not simply translated since not everything transfers well. Finally, the youth demo is of paramount importance because the ever-growing Hispanic culture is becoming younger and younger. Nearly half of the population is under the age of 18 according to the latest census. Therefore, you must focus on youth since they are more apt to be swayed and are becoming more acculturated to understand the sport. After all, as we become more Americano, so does the fútbol.”


Lou Melendez
Senior Advisor, International Operations Department
Major League Baseball

“As MLB looks to the future, the Latino player and the Latino consumer will play major roles in the growth of the game going forward. It is incumbent upon us to continue to monitor both the procurement and development of the Latino players. Equally as important, MLB must continue its commitment to celebrating the game on the global stage. The passion of Latino fans has been an engine behind the game’s proliferation in recent years, and enhancing that special connection in the years ahead is critical.”



Gersson Rosas
Vice President, Player Personnel
NBA Houston Rockets

“Regardless of the industry, whether basketball or banking, the objective is the same: be a leader in your field. An effective method that leads to success in most fields is to genuinely recognize who you are, as an individual and as an organization. It is vital to recognize your strengths and weaknesses with the purpose of “playing” to your strengths and “working” to improve your weaknesses. The purpose of this approach is to create a powerful competitive advantage by maximizing your talent, abilities, and resources, while addressing your weaknesses in a consistent and effective manner. This efficient approach allows organizations the ability to stay well ahead of their competition by recognizing industry opportunities as well as obstacles to success in an ever-changing environment.

Staying ahead of the curve at all levels is a major challenge and should be approached with an open mind. All processes should be questioned in order to confirm that you are utilizing the most effective and productive methods in your industry. Fighting complacency and questioning the norm is an attitude that will lead to innovations and a stronger competitive advantage. The key ingredient to this philosophy is finding talented individuals who share the organization’s vision, are passionate about their work, and committed to excellence at every opportunity.”

Joe DeGuardia
President & CEO
Star Boxing, Inc.

“Succeeding in the business of boxing is a real fight. In an industry that is fueled by a limited number of “elite talent” and even fewer available TV dates, the competition is fierce. One of the many ways that Star Boxing has been able to thrive in this tough environment is by [remaining] true to the principles we believe in. In addition, all companies, regardless of their business, are only as good as the product they present to the public. Star Boxing has concentrated on the old-school principles: Give fans what they want while developing a product or brand in the name of our company and our fighters.”

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