What color líder are you?

Chris SheppardMany years ago, I participated in a University of Baltimore leadership retreat in the woodsy nature of western Maryland’s Wisp Resort. Communing with nature isn’t my thing, so the outdoor team-building activities were not enjoyable, but what was enjoyable and the real highlight of this trip—not to mention something that has stayed with me throughout the years—was a personality and leadership assessment test we took called True Colors.

The test broke down your personality type and leadership traits to one of four colors: compassionate blue, decisive gold, vivacious orange, and creative green.

The Hispanic Executive team recently took the True Colors test and the dialog presented by us all “knowing our colors” got me to think about this year’s Top 10 list. While we here at HE haven’t given any of our Top 10 Líderes this test, I’m guessing we have all four colors represented:

  1. Philanthropist, activist, and actress, Eva Longoria is surely an orange
  2. Ricardo Anzaldua of MetLife career determination shows signs of a gold
  3. Time Warner Inc.’s Lisa Garcia Quiroz’s creative spirit shines as a green
  4. United Way of Metropolitan Chicago’s Andrea Bazán dedication to advocacy earmarks her as a blue

Colors aside, curating this year’s 2nd annual Top 10 Líderes (which begins on page 52) has been equal parts challenging and exhilarating. Last year we set the bar high with our inaugural set of leaders and this year we’ve managed to push that bar just a little higher. Hispanic Executive is extremely honored to have the cohost and executive producer of the Alma Awards, Eva Longoria, join our elite club of Líderes.

Líderes are not just limited to our Top 10. Turn to page 88 to learn about the educators who are helping to shape the business landscape of the future. Who knows, our next cover star might be sitting in one of their classes today.

Here in Chicago we are winding down from the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s 34th annual national convention. Be sure to read our special feature on the USHCC’s Million Dollar Club on page 125. And don’t forget to visit HispanicExecutive.com for web exclusive coverage on the USHCC you won’t find anywhere else.