Time to Talk Social Barriers and Health Reform

Editor's Note

I could not have asked to work with a more inspiring cover star than Regina Montoya for my first issue as managing editor of Hispanic Executive magazine. Permítanme presentarme.

I am New Mexican, but I lived in La Paz, Bolivia while I was growing up. Starting elementary school and being placed in a Spanish class in La Paz was a sink-or-swim moment for me. My dad insisted on putting me in the native-speaker class with my Bolivian peers instead of the second-language track. Until I could catch up, he would help me with my homework. By the time my family moved back to the United States when I was a junior in high school, I could speak, read, and write en español as a first language, and I put it to use. I sang and played guitar in my high school mariachi band (Mariachi “Los Tigres” of Taos), which led to my attending New York University as a vocal performance major. In college I worked part-time teaching Spanish to pre-school-age children.

When I think about it, being bilingual has provided me with every career opportunity I have ever enjoyed. Before taking on my role as managing editor of HE, I was an on-camera financial correspondent from the New York Stock Exchange for Spanish-language television channels all over the world. For me, feeling a part of the Hispanic culture is something to be celebrated and cultivated, and I am thrilled to be involved in that process through the production and development of this magazine.

I am grateful to have been provided with the opportunity to thrive with the help of supportive parents. Regina Montoya wants that for every Hispanic child in the United States. One of the brightest legal minds in the nation, Montoya dedicates her talents to inspiring and supporting the next generation of Hispanic leaders while stressing the importance of incorporating Latinos into the economic, political, and social fabric of America. She wants every Hispanic child to have the chance to attend college and has the goods to back up that goal. You may notice that numerous (14) executives featured in this issue hail from Texas. If anyone could do it, Regina Montoya would be the catalyst to inspire these powerful leaders to band together and bring measurable social equality, not to just to Dallas, or Texas, but to the nation.

One place to start is health care. This quarter, Hispanic Executive provides a platform to some of the most influential Latino leaders to discuss health reform and the changing health care environment. As the health care sector in the United States goes through an overhaul, the Latino population is growing to become the largest ethnic group in the country. These two evolutions must account for one another for the sake of our country’s economic growth. Notable doctors and other executives in the industry discuss this very idea.

Guest editor Dr. Robert Rodriguez introduces this issue’s feature section on Hispanic employee resource groups (ERGs). Rodriguez is an authority on the topic and has worked closely with ERGs throughout his career. He opened my eyes to the ways Hispanic ERGs contribute to the capital growth of corporations. No matter your experience level, you’ll be able to gain a new perspective on these corporate networks.

For allowing me to be a part of this experience and welcoming me to Hispanic Executive, les agradezco.

KC Caldwell