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Tech News Roundup, April 5

Tech News Roundup, April 5

This week’s tech roundup features Microsoft in hot water, the sustainability of AI art, and Amazon halting a promising tech innovation

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Get ready for your weekly dose of tech news! This week’s roundup dives into some of the hottest topics in the industry, from cybersecurity concerns at major tech companies to the environmental impact of artificial intelligence (AI). Explore everything from AI-powered tools that fight misinformation to the future of grocery shopping with(out) checkout-free technology.

Microsoft Under Fire for Security Lapses

A scathing report by the Cyber Safety Review Board found Microsoft’s security culture to be “inadequate,” following a major hack of the company last year. The report criticizes Microsoft’s response to the breach and calls for stricter accountability measures to prevent future cyberattacks, citing “a cascade of security failures at Microsoft.” This news raises concerns about the vulnerability of tech giants and the importance of robust cybersecurity practices.

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AI Art and Its Carbon Footprint

A new study by researchers suggests that creating art and illustrations using AI tools produces significantly lower carbon emissions compared to traditional methods, comparable to charging a smartphone. Although, generative AI art still leaves a larger carbon footprint than generative AI text. This finding has sparked discussions about the sustainability and environmental impact of the creative process.

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TrueMedia Releases AI Deepfake Detector

With the presidential election looming, the nonprofit has released a new and free AI tool designed to identify deepfakes, fabricated videos manipulated to make it appear as if someone is saying or doing something they never did. This innovative technology could play a crucial role in combating the spread of misinformation and protecting democratic processes.

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Amazon Shelves “Just Walk Out” Grocery Tech

Amazon has reportedly halted expansion of its “Just Walk Out” technology, which allows customers to skip checkout lines in grocery stores.  While the technology faced criticism for potential job losses, this move could also indicate challenges with accurately tracking items and ensuring a smooth shopping experience. There were also reports of the tech using cameras and sensors to charge customers after they leave stores, which received some backlash.

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Tech Companies Debate Artificial General Intelligence

There is a fast-paced race among tech companies to create AGI, Artificial General Intelligence. There is no agreed-upon definition for AGI, but it is envisioned as a machine that can perform many tasks as well as a human. Some researchers are concerned about the potential dangers of AGI. OpenAI is one company that is currently working on AGI, and they have a board of directors that will decide when AGI is achieved.

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