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Juana Bordas Discusses Her Book “The Power of Latino Leadership”

Juana Bordas Discusses Her Book “The Power of Latino Leadership”

Hispanic Executive is proud to present Juana Bordas and her widely celebrated new book, as well as congratulate her efforts in actualizing the power of Latino leadership

Many people believe that the rising Latino influence is a recent phenomenon fueled by our exploding demographic. Most Latnios, however, understand that our advancement has taken centuries. Our roots go back to before the United States was a nation. Today we are emerging with a strong identity, embracing our culture and language, gaining economic and political clout, and expanding our global connections. These gains have only been possible because of the vision, hard work, and relentless activism of our leaders. They have built a legacy of inclusive community leadership based on our values and traditions.

Latino leadership has as its purpose to uplift our people and nation. It is leadership by the many, the people who have the power to to change their lives for the better by working together.

The Power of Latino Leadership documents the leadership principles and practices that have forged Latino advancement. For young Latinos this knowledge is critical—saber es poder. To actualize our power and potential we must understand and build on the contributions of our leaders who have laid the foundation for our progress as a people.

-Juana Bordas



What Latino leaders are saying about The Power of Latino Leadership

“To the joy of some and the panic of others, America grows more diverse by the day. Leaders want to understand and motivate those they lead but may feel intimidated by the complex history and culture of Latinos. Juana Bordas has written a handbook for making sense of it all. The Power of Latino Leadership helps the reader decode the coming America and the changing workforce.”

Ray Suarez
Former Senior Correspondent for PBS NewsHour and former Host of NPR’s Talk of the Nation

“Latinos are part of the fabric of America. Our culture and values are perfectly consistent with the American Dream that has made the United States great. The Power of Latino Leadership explores a leadership model to maximize contributions Latinos will make to America’s future growth and prosperity.”

Julian Castro
Mayor of San Antonio, TX

“Latinos have advanced because of the activist tradition of our leaders who organized people to address social injustice. As the Latino community comes into power, our future leaders can learn from The Power of Latino Leadership. ‘Sí, se puede. Yes, we can,’ is a call to action. This book captures this spirit.”

Dolores Huerta
President, Cofounder of the United Farm Workers, Author of the slogan “Sí, se puede”

“As one of the foremost experts on leadership in the Latino community, Juana Bordas has mentored generations of young Hispanics. In The Power of Latino Leadership she presents a compelling case for how the strengths Hispanics bring to the table (deep roots, strong values, and our multifaceted culture) can infuse new life into leadership for all our country’s current and future leaders.”

Janet Murgía
President, National Council of La Raza


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