A Transformation Year

Editor's Note

Has 2016 been a crazy year? That seems to be the consensus. Nobody could have predicted the level of craze that is the country’s current political environment, but here we are this second half of the year, in a stream coursing toward unpredictable shores. One person who forges ahead in the middle of surging political rapids is Javier Palomarez, president and CEO of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC). For this issue, we were able to catch up with Palomarez about national politics focused on the election, of course, but also in broader and far-reaching perspectives affecting all of us. In doing so, his marvelous clarity cleared our heads, too.

When it seems that the media focuses on only the most extreme points of view, Palomarez, representing an organization of 4.1 million contributors to the business economy, is refreshingly centered, rational, and grounded. At press time for this issue, the USHCC did something historic—it endorsed a candidate for the first time ever. “These are extraordinary times and we believe they call for extraordinary measures,” said Palomarez said in July 2016. “We believe Hillary Clinton is the right person for this job.” Regardless of political leaning, it is commendable to see a powerful organization take action when its members have compelling reasons for doing so.

Another industry that has been majorly evolving for a few years, with this year being no exception, is healthcare. We had the pleasure of working with Dr. Yogi Hernandez Suarez, chief medical officer for Humana and all-around wonderful person. The entire Hispanic Executive team enjoyed working with her so much, we found not only our guest editor but also our cover person. She was able to decode what is meant by patient-centered care today, what best practices are for delivering that care, and how each and every leadership role within the industry—from legal, to pharmaceutical, to the IT department—is crucial for pushing the industry into the modern era in a way that will put patients first. She is a role model who transcends industry. Her story has something for all of us.

Consider how your own lives—professional and personal—have changed since the start of this year. Has it been a year of transformation? I already have a jump on my New Year’s resolutions, taking a cue from Palomarez and the USHCC—to be open, honest, and unafraid to try new things.