Leading Latinas 2018

From industry trailblazers who have been working to break the glass ceiling for decades to rising stars who are paving the way for future generations, these women are making 2018 the year of leading Latinas.

Empowered women empower women.

Few embody that sentiment more than our guest editor, Anna Maria Chávez. Here, she highlights the importance of mentors, global leadership, women in STEM, and women in HR along with fifteen Latinas who exemplify the best of these groups.

Mentors & Mentees

“Mentorship isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity, especially for Latina leaders. Every day that we show up and make change, we’re achieving firsts, and we’re modeling courage and success for those coming behind us. Our actions speak volumes, but so do our words, behaviors, and guidance. It is our responsibility to help build the next generation of Latina leaders. Mentorship is the way.”

—Anna Maria Chávez

Anne Alonzo
Anne Alonzo of the American Egg Board lives by the belief that everything is possible in life and career with passion, focus, and God’s grace




Gwen Ramirez
With the help of her mentor, CEO Anne Alonzo, Gwen Ramirez charts an upward career trajectory at the American Egg Board




Bernadette Reyes
While enhancing Public Storage’s national footprint, Bernadette Reyes shares the mentorship lessons she uses to empower others in and out of the construction world



Virginia McGathey
How Virginia McGathey overcame discrimination to become one of the most prominent and longest-tenured figures at the Chicago Board of Trade




Adis Vila
Why Adis Vila leads with her values




Global Leaders

It’s no secret that the world is smaller than ever. It’s not enough to look across countries; we must look across continents and generations. True leaders think beyond boundaries to create a vision for global solutions to today’s global challenges.”

—Anna Maria Chávez

Cristina Scarano BBC

Cristina Scarano
Cristina Scarano of BBC Studios is becoming the role model she never had




Maria Fernandez Sony MusicMaria Fernandez
How Maria Fernandez rose to the top of Sony Music Entertainment against all odds




Gisella Mazzilli 
Over more than fifteen years with Carnival Corporation, Gisella Mazzilli not only learned the nuances of the company’s financial systems, but she also made improvements to streamline operations



STEM Leaders

“STEM is where the future is happening today, and women need a prime seat at the table. Barriers are falling, but not nearly quickly enough given the incredible speed in the STEM world. We need to build a pipeline of women STEM leaders by investing in education for girls of all backgrounds to ensure everyone has the opportunity to lead.”

—Anna Maria Chávez

Indrani Franchini
Indrani Franchini leads compliance success for a niche biotech as it enters its renaissance




Raquel Rivera
How Raquel Rivera was inspired to pursue STEM and how she continues to inspire that passion in others




Karina Castro
How Karina Castro overcame the overwhelming challenge of updating the IT infrastructure and building sustainable IT processes for a global food corporation



Vanessa Diaz
Forging a career in STEM for Latinas, women, and immigrants requires building your own tool kit




Talent Leaders

“My mantra is, ‘When you have your team, you have your dream.’ That’s why HR leadership is so critical. Finding the right talent, putting them in right seats in the organization, and then giving them the support—and the autonomy—they need to succeed turns today’s employees into tomorrow’s leaders.”

—Anna Maria Chávez

Roxanne Martinez
Roxanne Martinez protects transparency and openness at Liberty Mutual




Lorraine Vargas Townsend
Lorraine Vargas Townsend’s unique employee value proposition is the growth catalyst that athenahealth has been searching for




Carmen Fernandez
How Guy Carpenter’s Carmen Fernandez helps to develop employees at the global risk and reinsurance firm