Chicagoland Latino Leaders Celebrate ComEd’s Joe Dominguez

Hispanic Executive and Accenture host a reception to honor Joe Dominguez, the first Latino CEO of ComEd

James Mazurek, managing director, Accenture Strategy, Utilities; Jeff Hutcheson, managing director, Accenture; Pallavi Verma, senior managing director, US Midwest, Accenture; David Olivencia, managing director, Accenture; Adela Cepeda, managing director at PFM Financial Advisors and board member of BMO Financial Corp.; Joe Dominguez, CEO of ComEd; and Pedro A. Guerrero, CEO of Guerrero Media and publisher of Hispanic Executive.Photo: Ben Patterson

More than fifty Hispanic leaders from the Chicagoland area gathered to honor one of the best and brightest in the Latino community: Joe Dominguez, newly appointed CEO of ComEd.

“This is a great milestone for our dear friend Joe,” said David Olivencia, managing director at Accenture. “It’s great that we’re doing it here in Chicago. The strength of our Hispanic community here is unmatched nationally.”

The evening reception, in partnership with Accenture and Hispanic Executive, was co-hosted by Olivencia; Adela Cepeda, managing partner at PFM and board member of BMO Financial Corp.; and Pedro A. Guerrero, CEO of Guerrero Media and publisher of Hispanic Executive.

“We celebrate Joe Dominguez as an immigrant, as a Latino, and also as a highly successful executive,” Cepeda said. “We have to celebrate our achievements. We have to do this for one another because it’s important for the next generation, and it’s important for what is going on today.”

Guerrero echoed Cepeda’s thoughts. “The dominant narrative that exists in mainstream media about our community is a negative one,” he said. “Which is why it is so important for our community to take the time in our busy lives to come together to recognize each other and celebrate our success.”

Pride flowed among the executives as they celebrated Dominguez’s new role. “We hope this rivals any birthday party you’ve ever had,” Guerrero said before welcoming Dominguez to the front of the room to say a few words.

Dominguez, who had moved with his wife from Pennsylvania to Chicago, spoke about the warm welcome he’s received from the Chicago community. In the six months since he’s moved to the Midwest, Dominguez said he feels embraced by the community.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to know that you can pick up the phone and call people that you have just met, and you genuinely feel that they’ll give you the best advice they can,” he said. “I hope I live up to this opportunity because so many people opened doors for me to have this chance.”

The event welcomed executives from Accenture, Korn Ferry International, The Economic Club of Chicago, Wintrust, Exelon, CME Group, the State of Illinois, the American Medical Association, and more.