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BMW gives multicultural consumers the ultimate driving experience

BMW gives multicultural consumers the ultimate driving experience

When it comes to multicultural marketing, BMW prefers to meet their consumers where they live, work, and play. “Media is one thing, but meeting the consumer where the rubber meets the road is what makes a lasting impact,” says Kevin Williams, head of multicultural marketing for BMW Group. And that’s exactly what BMW does with its Ultimate Driving Experience events.

Hispanic Executive clients and team members were invited to one such experience on October 30, 2015 in our hometown of Chicago. It was one of the last of a nation-wide tour and experiences that began in March in Atlanta, and swept through other major cities like Miami, Seattle, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Dallas, and most recently, Chicago.

The Arlington Racecourse was the chosen venue for the Chicago experience last Friday. Invited guests began their evening by getting behind the wheel of the latest model BMW 6, 7, and M series vehicles on the streets surrounding the racecourse. Then, professional BMW instructors demonstrated the power of the M series on closed Autocross tracks.

For dinner, two celebrity chefs, Chef Julius and Chef Roblé, delighted foodie guests with a cooking demonstration and a three-course meal. All the while, Salsa dancers, fashion models, and Bollywood dancers entertained throughout the evening.

BMW’s goal through these experiences is to allow for its multicultural audience to experience the brand. The events reflect a variety of cultures, tapping into individual passions for luxury, including high performance vehicles. With the adrenaline of driving, the sensory delight of tasting the creations of two of the most recognizable chefs in the industry, and the chance to enjoy top-level entertainment, “it’s a great date night and something our guests will remember,” says Williams.

Next up, the Ultimate Driving experience will make its way to Citi Field in New York on November 21st.

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