30 Under 30: Tony Flores

Chicagoan Tony Flores is a rising cyber economist. He studied economics and sociology at Bucknell University before earning a master’s degree in public policy at the University of California, Berkeley. There, he immersed himself in the intersecting worlds of cryptocurrency, technology, economics, and business.

Flores later spent time at CyberCube, whose cloud-based computing platform gives clients the tools they need to make better decisions regarding insurance and underwriting. During his tenure there, Flores contributed to the development of the latest version of Portfolio Manager (PM), CyberCube’s flagship product. PM delivers financial risks analytics to financial institutions and focuses on analyzing the cyber risks that clients’ portfolio companies face.

While Flores, a naturally curious person with an interdisciplinary skillset, once felt pulled in many directions, he has established meaningful relationships with mentors who have helped him zero in on a clear strategy. Today, the fellow at the Global Digital Assets & Cryptocurrency Association is passionate about what potential blockchain technology has to impact and transform society.

Fast forward ten years from now, and Flores sees himself serving as a keynote speaker at events that focus on understanding why people in 2022 were under the impression that cryptocurrency wasn’t going to be the future.

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