30 Under 30: Rachel Basoco

Community is more than a corporate buzzword. Rachel Basoco sees community as an impactful part of any business or brand’s growth plan. That’s why she started By Rachel Basoco LLC.

Her clients include self-funded start-ups, Fortune 500 giants, and tech unicorns. She helps each partner craft and execute a community strategy that enables them to acquire customers faster and retain customers longer. Additionally, those Basoco works with receive feedback on products, get authentic user-generated content, and reduce support tickets—all while cutting costs and increasing revenue.

Basoco enjoys working with clients and loves seeing others on her team take on bigger and better things in their careers. “Outside of my team’s success, I’d say watching a community grow from about five hundred in New York City to thousands across thirty-plus countries all around the world during the height of the pandemic—when community was needed most.”

As a queer Latinx professional, she initially struggled to fit into the corporate mold, but says she has found comfort in employee resource groups and her community outside of the so-called professional world. “Now, I am very particular with who I work with and for,” she explains. “My identity will not be compromised, nor will I hide parts of myself to appear more ‘professional.’

“It’s taken me a while and our world is changing (slowly as always but changing),” she continues, “but I would not be here if it wasn’t for my fellow Latinx, queer, and women professionals paving that way forward.”

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