30 Under 30: Nicolas Norena

Nicolas Norena is a man of many talents. He’s an author, a marketer, and an entrepreneur. He also creates epic food content.

Norena is the founder and CEO of The Succulent Bite, a popular social media platform with an audience topping 1.5 million on channels like Instagram and TikTok. Norena partners with iconic brands and local chains to create mouthwatering content and appetizing promotional campaigns. He counts M&Ms, McDonald’s, Absolut Vodka, Burger King, Coca Cola, Bud Light, and Tostitos as clients.

“When I was starting with Succulent Bite, restaurants opened the doors for me to film content and grow my pages,” he says. “Years later, we have built a beautiful and large community across social channels. My way of giving back is to visit local restaurants and create content for them free of charge to give them exposure and help them gain popular recognition.”

Earlier this year, Norena launched his very own recipe book. The Succulent Bite: 60+ Easy Recipes for Over-the-Top Desserts features his favorite curated treats and brings his brand to life in a tangible way for the very first time.

Although publishing a book is a major accomplishment, Norena says there is more ahead. He’s hoping to make a best-seller list and looks forward to starting a second company, this time focused on consumer goods.

Norena, whose family is from Colombia, was born in Chicago but raised in Madrid. Food, of course, plays a major role in his culture. He celebrates his Latinidad by cooking with family and celebrating life as they sit around the table to enjoy traditional recipes and favorite foods together.

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