30 Under 30: Mayra Luna

PepsiCo HR rep Mayra Luna is proud of her heritage and what she’s accomplished so far in her career. In fact, it’s spelled out at the very top of her LinkedIn profile, where she proclaims her status as a “First-Generation Mexicana in Corporate America.”

“When I was in high school, I always remember my teachers telling me that once I moved on to college, I was going to become ten times more Mexican than what I already was,” she says. “I can 100 percent confirm that it is true.”

Luna leads her company’s holistic campus program within its North Division. The campus program aims to attract talent from universities into PepsiCo’s internships and full-time sales and supply chain positions.

And Luna knows just how valuable internships and early career opportunities can be.

She interned with Cisco Systems at the age of fourteen and had nearly seven years of internship experience by the time she graduated from college. Although Luna was born in the US, she lived in Mexico for most of her youth. The mentors at Cisco and elsewhere helped set her transition well and prepared her for long-term success.

Now, Luna is passionate about helping college students find their first jobs. “I was very lucky to have the resources and mentors that helped me get into college and that advised me on what was right and wrong for me, so I am hoping to be that same mentor for someone else,” she says.

The idea is underscored at the end of her LinkedIn profile, where Luna reminds others that she is “devoted to helping the next generation succeed.”

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