30 Under 30: Max Rivera

Max Rivera leads global partnerships that enable Snap’s international business expansion and go-to-market strategy for emerging markets across the world. Rivera joined Snap just after it went public and was the first hire to launch the international expansion team which quickly became a $100-million-plus business unit.

After emigrating from Honduras at a very early age, Rivera says the complexities of the immigration system continued to provide roadblocks in his career.

“Instead of getting stuck, I try to turn those limitations into motivation to work harder and to narrow down my focus and double-down as opportunities came up,” Rivera says. “I would not be able to overcome these challenges without building good relationships with a strong support network—whether that was management at a job, a mentor, or close friends—I couldn’t do this alone.”

Outside of his role, Rivera is passionate about increasing access to technology and education for the underprivileged. He has volunteered in different educational and mentorship programs for students and up-and-coming professionals. He also leads several diversity and inclusion initiatives for the Latinx ERG at Snap.

The leader’s days are enhanced by his own personal theme: “Don’t Knock the Hustle” by Jay-Z, and Rivera hopes to continue his future partnering with entrepreneurs in the tech space to help scale businesses globally.

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